Our glacial perspectives by Olafur Eliasson

Ring optical installation on the glacier.

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该项目是Olafur Eliasson新建的永久公共艺术装置,于2020年10月9日在Grawand山峰揭幕。

Our glacial perspectives, 2020, a new, permanent, public work of art by Olafur Eliasson will be unveiled on Mount Grawand on 9 October 2020.

▼外观,appearance © David Orru


The artwork begins with a path leading along the mountain’s glacial-carved ridge for 410 metres. This path is divided by nine gates that are spaced at intervals corresponding in scale to the durations of Earth’s ice ages, marking thereby a deep-time timeline of our planet, of ice, and of the environment.At the end of the path is a pavilion made from multiple steel and glass rings that contain a circular deck jutting out over the edge of Mount Grawand. Standing on the deck, the viewer can use the pavilion as an astronomical instrument by aligning her gaze with the surrounding rings, which track the apparent path of the sun in the sky on any given day. The rings divide the year into equal time intervals: the top ring tracks the path of the sun on the summer solstice; the middle ring tracks the equinox; and the bottom, the winter solstice. Each ring is itself split into rectangular glass panes that cover 15 arc minutes of the sun’s movement across the sky, making it possible for the viewer to determine the time of day based on the position of the sun. On the outside of the pavilion, two parallel steel rings frame the horizon line, and the half-rings that support the structure indicate the north–south and east–west axes.

▼9道门的间隔对应8个冰河期 © David Orru
intervals of 9 gates corresponding to 8 ice ages


By marking the horizon, the cardinal directions, and the movement of the sun, the artwork directs the visitor’s attention to a larger planetary perspective on the changes in climate that are directly affecting Hochjochferner. The glass panes of the sun-path are tinted various shades of blue in reference to the cyanometer, a scale developed in the nineteenth century for measuring the blueness of the sky. The coloured glass filters and reflects light and solar radiation, behaving as a mini-atmosphere.

▼装置由环状钢和玻璃组成,pavilion is made of multiple steel and glass rings © David Orru

该项目由TalkingWater基金会发起,它是针对最强大而珍贵的水资源进行思考与交流的平台,由Ui Phoenix von Kerbl和美国AVEDA 品牌的创始人Horst M. Rechelbacher创建。该项目位于基金会总部所在地,Ui Kerbl表示:“这是一个充满力量的地方。水从众多Artesian泉眼流出,预示其生命力:不论岩石有多深,水总能找到通向光明的路。它们从地下水源流出后,经分水岭分成两条溪流,一条流向地中海,另一条流经多瑙河至黑海,最终在大西洋汇合。挪位艺术家和科学家Sissel Tolaas将Olafur Eliasson介绍给我,我们的理念一致,都相信艺术可以通过情感、感官和身体体验来创造意识。”Olafur Eliasson也对将艺术装置带到这个充满力量的场所充满热情,他说:“我很高兴有机会为Grawand山峰和Hochjochferner冰川创造该装置。它放大了基地内独特的时空体验,既广阔无垠,又具有地方性和特殊性。这是一个光学装置,邀请人们参与其中,从行星和冰川的视角确定人们的具体位置。”

The artwork was commissioned by the “TalkingWater” Foundation, a platform for reflection and exchange on water, our most powerful and precious resource, founded by Ui Phoenix von Kerbl and Horst M. Rechelbacher (1941–2014 – Founder of AVEDA in USA). The location of the artwork is home to the headquarters of the foundation: ‘This is a place of strength. Here, water flows from a multitude of Artesian springs, forming an allegory for life at these heights: as deep as the rock may be, water always finds its way to the light.’, says Ui Kerbl. ‘After emerging here from the underground source, the water is divided by a watershed into two streams, one of which flows to the Mediterranean and the other, via the Inn and the Danube, to the Black Sea, to ultimately unite in the Atlantic Ocean.’ ‘I was introduced to Olafur Eliasson by the Norwegian artist and scientist Sissel Tolaas, and our philosophies matched. We both believe in the power of art to create awareness through emotional, sensory, and physical experience’, says Ui Kerbl.The Danish-Icelandic artist was also enthusiastic about Ui Kerbl’s idea of bringing art to this powerful site, the Hochjochferner glacier. Eliasson says, ‘I am very excited to have had the opportunity to create Our glacial perspectives especially for Mount Grawand and the Hochjochferner glacier. The artwork acts as a magnifier for the very particular experience of time and space that this location affords – vast and boundless on the one hand, local and specific on the other. It is an optical device that invites us to engage, from our embodied position, with planetary and glacial perspectives.’

▼细节,detail © David Orru

Olafur Eliasson, Our glacial perspectives, 2020.
Opening: 9 October 2020 at 4pm
Location: South Tyrol /Italy/Grawand Mountain (3.212m) – Hochjochferner glacier.
Access via Schnalstaler cable car in I-39020 Kurzras

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