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(Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

Riverfront park in Novosibirsk by AFA + Landmark Architects + S&P Architektura Krajobrazu + Brusnika

A wildlife corridor in the city centre

Passallis: Floodable Bridge for Pedestrians over the river Ter in Manlleu by Sau Taller d’Arquitectura

To enhance the riverbeds as spaces of landscape interest

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl by Javier Senosiain Aguilar

A mythical dwelling place

Imprint by Hu Quanchun

To present the daily state of rural roads in the past

Catharijnesingel Utrecht by OKRA

Return water and green to the city

everyone × Graduation Season

A glimpse of academic and employment status of pan-architectural graduates

2021 ASLA LANDMARK AWARD: Portland Open Space Sequence / PLACE

A pilgrimage site for landscape architects


Pure geometries

Xinhua 1949 Cultural and Financial Innovation Centre by Li Siyuan

Redefining the scene in the name of culture

Kingsbury Commons at Pease Park by Ten Eyck Landscape Architects + Clayton Korte + Mell Lawrence Architects

Rehabilitating the park’s “recreational heart and cultural soul.”

Walter Knoll: Milan Design Week 2022 by Ippolito Fleitz Group

A multi-layered, artistic space for inspiring encounters

Design as Experiment: The Handan Wastewater Cleansing Terraces by Turenscape

A nature-based wastewater remediation system transformed from an urban waste dump

The Forest School, Shenzhen, China by WEi Studio

The first natural themed children’s park in Shenzhen

2021 ASLA COMMUNICATIONS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Black Landscapes Matter / Walter Hood & Grace Mitchell Tada

To probe how race, memory, and meaning intersect in the American landscape

2021 ASLA Research Award Of Excellence: The Visualizing Equity in Landscape Architecture Project / Samantha Solano, ASLA + TJ Marston

A research initiative that reveals, spatializes, and acknowledges the status of gender equity throughout landscape architecture

International Garden Festival 2022: Adaptation

To live and survive, humans, like nature, must show adaptation and resilience.


Enhance historical site and stimulate new uses