Christmas Installation in Starstreet Precinct by AaaM Architects

Weaving Christmas Wonderland 

Re-Emerge by AA EmTech + Hassell

Use construction waste to create innovative timber structure

La Hoja, Madrid by FAHR 021.3

an open experiment in the old Legazpi Slaughterhouse

‘NEVER DEMOLISH’ – Intervention at Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

A debate on housing, inspired by the awarded project of 530 dwellings in the Grand Parc Bordeaux

ZAO TANG: Pop-up Gallery on Asian Arts and Feminism by Local Collective + Stigma Room

An immersive cultural experience

The Aurora installation by Dassault Systèmes + Arthur Mamou-Mani

An interactive manifestation of the power of uniting design, science and industry


Awaken people’s protection awareness of home

Plato by Siba Sahabi

Bring the allegory of the cave to life

Bon no Tana by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Abstract statue on the central of a roundabout

Ring (do/undo/redo) by Brut Deluxe / Ben Busche + Miguel de Guzmán

Dynamic light installation for Lichtfest Leipzig 21

The exhibition “Hokusai. Passages…” by NArchitekTURA

Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Collection of the National Museum in Krakow

‘Bridged’ by Steve Messam

Another way of looking at landscape and historic buildings

THE BEACON OF HONG KONG by ARTA Architects Limited

Winner – “Victoria Harbour” Word Art Competition

6th Street Arts Alley by LAA Office

A new vibrant public place embedded in fragmented parts of the city

“how it was. Space and History” exhibition by INNOCAD

Inviting visitors to participate and perceive history in an unexpected and unpretentious way

“Miracle of life” Art Collection Exhibition of Taikang Insurance Group, China by Jí architects

Flow between the “interior” and “exterior” parts

041 Exhibition at MO by ŠA atelier

a ritual space to signify transition, threshold, transformation, and return

Landless Stranded by PEJAC

Call attention to the plight of refugees