Invocation for Hope by Superflux

An immersive installation generating new visions of a shared planet

Invade, Milan by Chaosteria

People often change the wilderness in the name of beauty.


(Only in Chinese) selected comments of last weeks to present different perspective.

Under 35 – Cui Cancan

“Art comes from an ambition to change. This may be a classical and grandiose statement, but also what I genuinely want to believe.”

Ignorance is bliss by Satoshi Itasaka / h220430

Revealing the common psychology of peeking in the society

Exhibition French Exit by TADAOCERN

The lawn floating in the air


Preserve the memory of the recent past of the town

EXTERIORLESS by Stefano Corbo

Series of imaginary drawings on the architecture of late capitalism

Visionary Illuminated River artwork launches across five more Thames bridges by Leo Villareal

The longest public art commission in the world

Six new Norwegian Scenic Routes projects will be completed for the 2021 tourist season

The experience of driving through beautiful Norwegian scenery will be enhanced by a set of innovative architecture and thought-provoking art

HE Art Museum officially opens its doors with the exhibition “Beyond: Tadao Ando and Art”

(Only in Chinese)Tadao Ando’s first large-scale solo exhibition following the clue of art

Under 35 – Tian Fangfang

The photographer should be sincere with the process of creation. Being honest and reflective is the first step towards art.

“Playable City”projects by The Urban Conga

Showcasing the Value of Play

Four Laboratories of “CMF Trend LAB” are newly released


Future of Space – Designregio Kortrijk designers in residence 2018 by PAN- PROJECTS +Jasna Dimitrovska + Jaenam Lim

Using immersive spatial experiences to stimulate the potential and value of industrial heritage

gooood Interview NO.33 – Sakchin Bessette

Create public space where the physical world is merged with the digital world and reconnect people together


Using simple geometric shapes to create a layered sense of order in the site

Selected Works in 2019-2021 by Sophia Heymans

11 new pieces of works