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「2023013 – 20230919第六期征集结果出炉」投稿持续征集中!!欢迎您的分享!!让设计师轻松上手AI创意绘画与AI对话,附详细使用方法和训练技巧展示


「20230906 – 20230912第五期征集结果出炉」投稿持续征集中!!欢迎您的分享!!让设计师轻松上手AI创意绘画与AI对话,附详细使用方法和训练技巧展示


「20230831 – 20230905第四期征集结果出炉」投稿持续征集中!!欢迎您的分享!!让设计师轻松上手AI创意绘画与AI对话,附详细使用方法和训练技巧展示

Exhibit Columbus 2023, Public By Design, Opens

13 newly commissioned installations are waiting for experience

New Ark by Tideland Studio + Rumgehør

Ripples on the concrete surface


「20230823 – 20230830第三期征集结果出炉」投稿持续征集中!!欢迎您的分享!!让设计师轻松上手AI创意绘画与AI对话,附详细使用方法和训练技巧展示

Ocean Flower Art Installation by Kong Xiangwei Studio

Daily Use as Tao

Inversive Enclosure by Alsar Atelier + Oscar Zamora + Karim Saleh Studio (KSS) + Pietro Mendonca

An enclosure within an enclosure


「20230816 – 20230822第二期征集结果出炉」投稿持续征集中!!欢迎您的分享!!让设计师轻松上手AI创意绘画与AI对话,附详细使用方法和训练技巧展示

”The Sun And The Moon” by AaRT

The Sun And The Moon, Reflecting the Most Unique Daily Life and Memories of China Merchants Shekou

Installation – “BLANKETS”&“ZEROS” by SpY

Presented in exhibition WAVELENGTH: A MOMENTARY SPRING


「20230810 – 20230815第一期征集结果出炉」投稿持续征集中!!欢迎您的分享!!让设计师轻松上手AI创意绘画与AI对话,附详细使用方法和训练技巧展示

Design Wall 2023 by Hassell

National Gallery Of Victoria And Hassell Collaborate On Melbourne Now Exhibition

Binary Spectrum by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Explores the yin-yang relationship of tangible fabricated object with a representation of the intangible digital realm

“Peter Cook: Cities” by CHAP

City elements that has been enlarged, cut, dismembered, and interwoven

“Let’s move in the city ! Sport and architecture for tomorrow” exhibition by DREAM

Explore the place of sport in the city of tomorrow