speaker vase collection by suomudesign

Exquisite knobs and fun

Photography: “Inner State” by Maria Mavropoulou

Stuck time during crisis period

Partu (Skin) Collection by Trent Jansen & Johnny Nargoodagh

A glimpse into the potential for innovation in sharing the designers’ disparate understandings of leather

Under 35 – Katie Benn

The world will never have enough art, which is accessible to people of all backgrounds.

“Shifting Parábola” for MASA 2020 by Héctor Esrawe

Explore the way light travels over a continuous metal surface

Tresoldi Academy promotes a creative-educational program to focus on the outskirts of Bologna and Modena

Applications open 27th April

Reflective Seduction by Napp Studio & Architects

A tension between reveal and conceal

STAY ART HOME Global creative initiative by Pejac

Make the days of isolation more interesting

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        Arcipelago Italia, Italian Pavilion of 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale by Mario Cucinella Architects

        Focusing on the “island” form of Italian cities, villages and the natural landscapes connected to it

        Design for Sustainability – 2020 DuPont™ Tyvek® Creative Design Competition

        Design the product which reflects your idea on sustainable lifestyle.

        Robotic Metal Wire Knitting, Taiwan by HSI-PING HUNG

        Digital transparency of architecture

        In Just a Blink of an Eye by Xu Zhen

        Frozen in time and space.

        Facades of Village-in-the-City by Sun Haiting

        The “rare species” in urban architecture

        The Drawings on the City by Clément Masurier

        Questioning the city and its imagination that it creates

        2020 Frame Awards – Art space for Japanese dance by Kazunobu Nakamura design

        Light changes in the squares piling up

        gooood book: Beautified China-The Architectural Revolution

        Photograph works by Kris Provoost. Look at China’s iconic architecture from a new view point.

        Rising Tide, China by cnS

        Public interaction and urban landmarks

        Mandalas Pop-up Digital Art Museum, China by One Take Architects

        A utopian city drifting in metropolises