Family House in the Slope by masparti

A extended form partially hidden underground stretching into the narrow garden

I Will Be With You, Whatever by Studio Morison

An artwork present at Wittelsbacherplatz in the heart of Munich

LARGEIGHT Lounge, China by H2design

A new Yapisco social space on the Huangpu River

T.ETERONO Restaurant, China by Nazodesign Studio

The secret restaurant in the mountains

139 SCHULTZ by CPDA Arquitectos

An ideal residential building in one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of the city

Inagawa Cemetery chapel and visitor centre by David Chipperfield Architects

A marked threshold between the outer world and a quieter space within for contemplation (images updated)

Jingshang academy, China by Hangzhou Trenchant decoration design

more than tea

Detroit Skybridge by Phillip K. Smith III

A floating bar of light hovering over the streets of Downtown Detroit

每周评论精选 2018.09.14 – 2018.09.20

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

NOMA 2.0 by BIG

Noma worked with BIG to create its new home as a restaurant village just outside of Copenhagen’s city center


”Comfortable transition” of office building ecology

The Community Vision Plan for the High Line Canal, U.S.A by Sasaki

Focusing on storytelling about the future of canal

A Breeze in the Drizzle & Playing with Stars, China by L&A Design

L&A Henggang Rural Construction & Design Training Camp 2018

Offices for Regional Government of Andalusia by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

intertwined buildings form a singular overall form

La Diana apartment by CRÜ studio

unique staircase to create a humanized home


Be Your Own Client First, and Then a Designer

Office Space of Ugan Concept, China by Jiangjiu Architecture

Me and My Experience of Forest-Quality

Faculty of Sciences of Education for US University by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

superimposed to form a new building structure