The Community Vision Plan for the High Line Canal, U.S.A by Sasaki

Focusing on storytelling about the future of canal

A Breeze in the Drizzle & Playing with Stars, China by L&A Design

L&A Henggang Rural Construction & Design Training Camp 2018

Offices for Regional Government of Andalusia by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

intertwined buildings form a singular overall form

La Diana apartment by CRÜ studio

unique staircase to create a humanized home


Be Your Own Client First, and Then a Designer

Office Space of Ugan Concept, China by Jiangjiu Architecture

Me and My Experience of Forest-Quality

Faculty of Sciences of Education for US University by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

superimposed to form a new building structure

2018 works by Collin Pollard

exploring social phenomena through architectural geometric spaces

Isabel Besora school by NAM Arquitectura

concise design that fits the triangular plot

Community Center for cultural activities in Houjia Town, Chongming Island by Studio Ku Kan Nai

The roof is an everlasting element of the building

Saint Joseph the Worker Church by Sparano + Mooney Architecture

religious design combined with mining culture

gooood archive: Slovenia

Selected projects in Slovenia

Full-Scale Installation for Brisbane Airport Expansion by UAP

huge ornaments of human movements

Interior Reform and Expansion of the Vila-Seca Municipal Sports Pavilion by NAM Arquitectura

A more unified and modern reading of the set brought by a very simple structure of steel and fink beams and a system of porches


A new experience center of the city nightlife

CoWork lounge at IDS Vancouver by INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace

Designed for the rapidly growing trend of co-working for nomadic workers

The Shougang Ertong Warehouse Renovation Project, China by United Design 11 China Architecture Design & Research Group

A comfort place with old warehouse, tree and new restaurant

Playful Sculptures by Artist Todd Robinson and UAP

creative balloons bring surreal interaction