Yorkton Workshops by Cassion Castle Architects

A real-world lab built for an industry-leading design office

ooffee, China by 0321STUDIO

renovation of a fresh and more inspiring coffee space

Expo 2020 Entry Portals by Asif Khan

Ethereal Portals

Traversa House by Marina Vella Arquitectura

Contemporary architectural techniques combined with traditional local craftsmanship

Xiangyang Reception, China by YEAS

Building at the Edge of Urban and Rural

(上海)RIGI睿集设计 – 资深零售终端设计师 / 空间设计师 / 空间实习助理 / 资深品牌视觉设计师 / 视觉设计师 / 市场公关 / 市场调研 / 资深品牌策略 / BD经理 / 产品设计师


Late breakfast club by LIS design studio

Attractive food and beverage space with bespoke elements


Modern retreat

(上海)乐山乐水体验设计 – 空间设计师


Triodos Bank office by RAU Architects + Ex Interiors

A fully, reconstructabe, wooden “cathedral”

“2021 International Residential Architecture Conceptual Design Competition”Winners Announced

raising the topic of “The Future of Housing-before and after a Pandemic” to echo the pandemic of COVID-19

Takastuki House by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Mixed-use ground space that connects to one another

Dolce&Gabbana Seoul Cheongdam-dong boutique by Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Symbol of absolute elegance

Red House, Hunan, China by Su Architects

River flows in Mountains

Publi-City – Tongzhou SINLOON Canal Creative District, China by officePROJECT

Direct poetry and dramatic city

(上海/郑州)木君建筑设计 More Design Office (MDO) – 资深室内设计师 / 室内设计师助理 / 产品设计师 / 室内绘图员 / 室内设计项目管理 / 效果图设计师 / 软装设计师 / 软装设计师助理


Get-project information

(Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

Request for Proposal of Conceptual Scheme Planning of Eastern Zhejiang Expressway Cultural Belt Promotion Project

Display Zhejiang culture and explore the expressway-culture-development mode