Elementary School Foodcourt, Caracas – Venezuela

The most beautiful expectation Technology office china by Zones Design Studio

the free and free from restraint office space

Dream Apartment – 2018 C·Design International Architectural Design Competition

Create future residential products, offering construction samples for future cities.

Kaigan office in 1933 by Office Coastline

The studio for online fashion brand in a historical building in Shanghai

Landscapes by Daniel Koh

The tranquil sceneries

Under 35 – Aki Hamada

Japanese young architect Aki Hamada: Change architecture from container to content. Create lighter space with more freedom through digital methods.

Poly Jinding Bay china by FEI Architecture

Bringing Wonderland into Daily Life

Boltun Headquarters by Yasuhiro Yamashita x Atelier TEKUTO

To create 3-dimensionally connected spaces with “nuke” using continuous walls like a one-stroke drawing existing in one piece of architecture

Installation Pyramid Sphere and Pyramid Tube by Cyril Lancelin (town and concrete)

An experience on matter and form

Hangzhou Liangzhu Mengxi Town, China by CUC · ZOYO

The old industrial remain, the reborn Liangzhu

The Art of Building  – Exhibition of LETH & GORI in BLOX, Copenhagen 

Chaos and beauty and beauty in chaos.

VALERIA VASI by Valeria Vasileva

The emptiness of matter acquires as much importance as its presence

Pedal Path in Barcelona by Batlle i Roig Architectes

A small surgical operation to connect metropolitan territory

Orchid oil massage china by Nanjing Linear Architecture

Water in the mirror,flowers like the moon

Panama Rainforest Discovery Center And Observation Tower by ENSITU

To protect and admire birds and other wild fauna in the tropical rainforest

House of Stylobate by y+M design office

A country house without curtains.

Social housing and shop in Belleville, Paris by Atelier du Pont

To propose a contemporary updating of the classic, simple morphology of this Parisian neighbourhood

Huateng Hog House Barbecue Restaurant china by Leeko Studio

Barbecue Restaurant in the farm