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gooood archive: Atrium

Selected Atrium Projects

Framing house by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects

A fluent linkage created by frames

MCBA – Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts by Barozzi Veiga

Original architecture fragments integrate into new structures

Phoenix-Tree Garden by Atelier ZZ

Making a Chinese garden from the architectural perspective

The White Tree by Sou Fujimoto Architects + Nicolas Laisné + Dimitri Roussel + OXO Architects + Coste-Grange

Reinventing the tower block

Launch for The 3rd International Shopping Plaza Concept Competition

Reshape the relationships among the ‘space, retail format and operation’ of future business.

Renovation of Bus Parking Lot on Yixian Road, China by TJAD

Not new at the beginning of construction complete, not old after many years

Jingyinyuan Club by 9.9 Design

Echoes the natural law and full of vitality

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        Yuan Feng gave a speech on BCC 2018, Beijing

        Change the future of village through new technologies.

        Queen Photo Studio Refurbishment by NTYPE

        Blur and merge interior with exterior

        gooood archive: Red

        Selected “Red” Projects

        Olympic House by 3XN + IttenBrechbühl

        Movement, transparency, flexibility, sustainability, and collaboration

        Forti Holding Spa HQ and Office Building by ATIproject

        Glass curtain walls build up an energy-saving building

        SULI House Renovation, China by Luo Xiuda

        Design keywords lead the vision style and life regulation of a 43-square-metre space

        gooood archive: Brass

        Selected Brass Projects

        gooood Interview – office team of Valerio Olgiati

        Express something as close to the truth with architecture.

        Whatever Eyewear in Shanghai, China by RooMoo

        Transforming a sunglasses store into a soundwave metal installation

        Antica Birreria Heineken by Studio DiDeA

        The interior design features noble and warm materials.