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Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

Amazing! A landmark structure made of stairs

Berlin Bar by Thilo Reich

The pavement in the city transforms into a historical element of the space

每周评论精选2019.03.16 – 2019.03.22

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

Lecture by Steven Holl: Making Architecture – A journey through inspiring works of architecture

(only in Chinese) Review of architectural practice in Asia in the past 30 years by Steven Holl.

Assemble by Réel in Shanghai, China by Kokaistudios

A lifestyle journey in Shanghai

SND Buyer’s Shop, China by Various Associates

The central-axis layout, church-like architectural form, central “milestone”

Zhi Art Museum, China by MOZHAO ARCHITECTS

Feel the rhythms and paces of walking

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        Atmospheric Lens by Grimshaw Architects

        Mirror polished steel panels create a kinetic effect by reflection

        K House by AIM Architecture + Norm Architects

        Effortlessly blending in to the nature with large openings, soft transitions and natural materials

        Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai by Dodi Moss

        Transparent, material and vegetation elements express the traditional palace and garden

        Snøhetta Completes “Under”, Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

        This restaurant exposes you to the wonders beneath the sea

        Hengli International Headquarters, China by Mecanoo

        Textile tradition transforms to a thread-like bronze metal grid

        Big And Tiny by ZOOCO ESTUDIO

        Three separated areas where both parents and children grow

        % Arabica Kuwait Abu Al Hasaniya by nendo

        The white stair-like cafe

        New Environmental-friendly Materials for Construction Industry

        To explore the boundaries between architecture and ecology

        Sense and Sensibility – NSNL space, China by Robot 3 Studio

        Half seawater and half flame

        Swirling Cloud: Bulletin Pavilion for BJFU Garden Festival by SUP Atelier

        Clouds in the Gale: a reversed design process