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SND Concept Store by Various Associates

Seeking the distant memory of dunes in the city

WEI’s STUDIO of Photography Art, China by designRESERVE

A museum like workspace for a renowned photographer

Fishtank by Office AIO

Exploring coffee culture in a ‘Fishtank’

ChicChicBird by Huazhong University of Science and Technology + Qing Studio

Take your time, taste your life

STAGEONE Mahua FunAge Immersive Drama Bar by WAVE.GB

Translation of dramatic structure to space

Yucun Tourist Service Center by Local Architecture Design Office + The Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art

A cloudy path leading to the undulating mountains

Merci Mercy restaurant by WUJIASANJIAN STUDIO

A small courtyard under four trees

Terphouse Rotterdam by AAAN

A cozy house on the dike

62 Beiting Lane Store, China by MOU architecture studio

Squared and curved atrium

Tianma Village Weaving Type Renovation Project by Common City Architecture Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Tianma Starry Night,Starting Again


When a store facade becomes a principle

Chongqing Ali Sharing Center, China by AAI·LifeWay studio

Urban life needs to be healed by children’s hearts

Soledad Sevilla artist studio by Cayuelas Arquitectos

“Houses of shade and air”

Apartment In de Stad by dmvA Architects

a modest interpretation of the historic urban fabric

Collection of “Village Revisited” Rural Building Renovation Design Competition in Changjiang, Hainan

Visit Hainan, image the brand new ” Liyuan village” with design

Humility of nature in the family apartment by studiopi and Regular Company

Defuse angular spaces with different materials

Taste Museum by Diameter Narrative Design

Interpreting “Taste” from science, civilization and art

Casa Alferez by Ludwig Godefroy Office

a romantic and rugged shelter in the middle of the forest