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Architectural Practice and Challenges: Speech of Wang Mingxian and Discussion

(Only in Chinese) Wang Mingxian gave a lecture on Chinese experimental practice. Dong Gong, Hua Li, Qi Xin, Tang Hua, Troy Conrad Therrien and Zhou Rong shared their opinions.

Discussion on Architectural Practice and Challenges

Eva Franch I Gilabert, Fang Zhenning, Ge Ming, Hernan Diaze Alonso, Liu Jiakun, Tao Lei, Tong Ming had a discussion on CAFA architectural forum.

Curated by OMA: Prospettiva – Journey Through The Archives Of Fondazione Fiera Milano

Exhibition at the Triennale di Milano, exploring the history of Italy’s society and economy in the last century.

Architectural Education and Challenges: Speech of Yungho Chang and Discussion

(Only in Chinese) Yungho Chang gave a lecture about architectural education. Brett Steele, Gu Daqin, Philip Ursprung, Xia Haishani, Zhang Lufeng, Zhu Weny shared their ideas.

Zhuang Shen, partner of Atelier Archmixing, gave a lecture on AI SPACE Forum in Shanghai, China

(only in Chinese) Fusion of technology and changing of human behavior would lead to multifunctional space.

Architectural Thoughts and Challenges: Speech of Mohsen Mostafavi and Discussion

(Only in Chinese) Mohsen Mostafavi insisted the importance of spreading knowledge. Arata Isozaki, Cui Kai, Li Xiangning, Mohsen Mostafavi, Qiu Zhijie, Rem Koolhaas, Zhou Rong sh

Discussion on Architectural Thoughts and Challenges

(Only in Chinese) Discussion on architectural thoughts and challenges among Aaron Betskey, Martino Stierli, Meng Jianmin, Wang Junyang and Wang Shu on CFAF Architectural Forum.

Culture and Architecture as Drives for Rural Development: International Conference in Songyang, China

(Only in Chinese) Build up confidence for the rural and find out a new way for its development.


(Only in Chinese)

Rem Koolhaas’ Lecture on elements of architecture

(Only in Chinese)Encyclopaedia of architectural elements

Announcement of the Tender for the Architectural Scheme Design of Qianhai International Financial Exchange Center

Select the most creative and international vision of the design scheme and build a waterfront public building as the new landmark of Qianhai City.

Zaha Hadid Gallery Presents a Pop-up Exhibition in New York from November 8th

Developing new materials and technologies, product designs are inter-related at an architectural scale.