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Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

Amazing! A landmark structure made of stairs

Atmospheric Lens by Grimshaw Architects

Mirror polished steel panels create a kinetic effect by reflection

Eden by Pamela Tan

The white wonderland

Stand CHENSEE, China by PMT Partners

The expression of two-dimensional art in multi-dimensional space

WAVE – Catwalk Installation of Shanghai Fashion Week, China by BenBai Lab

Striding back and forth between mirrors

Art installation for exhibition “From / To: the Frontier of Chinese Art Education” by China Academy of Art + Gardening Studio

Gather to appreciate the landscape paintings

Align Table by Hayo Gebauer

Inspired by the impossible illustrations of M.C. Escher

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        Drifting Stage, China by Mur Mur Lab

        The movement of the body itself is another meaning of drifting

        New Name and Visual Identity for the Norwegian State Railways by Snøhetta

        To manifest the NSB’s shared ambition to create better mobility services for the future

        Under 35 – Anko Lau

        Establish my own aesthetics through communication with architects.Think from the perspective of our consumers.

        blu Marble by Sebastian Errazuriz

        The LED structure dispicts the live stream of the Earth from space

        Smoke and Mirrors: Harry Potter Scenes Reimagined by Architecture Students of Melbourne School of Design

        Wizarding World of Harry Potter made of paper

        Zaha Hadid Design at Design Shanghai

        Zaha Hadid Design had collaborated with Royal Thai and Kohler to present the ‘Skyrunner’ installation at Design Shanghai 2019

        Skybox by inFuture Projects

        Sitting among the ever-changing clouds and sky

        “HOT” and “NULL SET” series by BUZAO

        Experimental design outcomes of material application

        Field Lines by Rob Ley Studio

        4,000 pieces of aluminium form the dynamic current

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