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每周评论精选2019.09.13 – 2019.09.20

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

Public Art Installation Design Competition for Sunshine Ground Art Exhibition

(Only in Chinese) Realize your design works and show it to more people.

Hutong Construction, China by Zen-In Architects + Renew Architectural Design + Beijing Qingzhu Architecture Design

Productize the materials of the courtyard buildings

gooood archive: “Tai Wan ” NO.4

Selected projects in Taiwan,China

每周评论精选2019.09.08 – 2019.09.12

(Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

gooood archive: Hong Kong

Selected projects in Hong Kong,China

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        The Cloud – Installation Design of Springtime Along the River, China by MAT Office

        A contemporary transformation of the “Cailou Huanmen”

        A Portable Tea House by Boano Prišmontas

        Adapts to the contemporary lifestyle without compromising on the quality and ritual of tea

        NEO-ANCIENT and TRASH-FORMERS by Savvas Laz

        A synthesis between the natural and the artificial

        From Oct. 1st to Oct. 6th, Code Parametricism Workshop open in Shanghai, China

        (Only in Chinese)Learn frontier design technologies in a short time!

        Strand Lamps for Muuto by LAYER

        Simple but expressive

        Grid Bench by Mario Tsai Studio

        Grid Bench inspired by pixelation

        Wildcat’s Forest, China by ATDESIGN

        A new home for wild cats

        Non-existent Existence by Jinya Zhao

        Explore the subtle relationships and tensions between colour, form and structure

        gooood archive: Hubei, China

        Selected projects in Hubei,China

        gooood archive: Jiangsu

        Selected projects in Jiangsu,China