tsumiki by nendo

branding project for a new form of an investment trust

“hasu” and “handle-flower” for Sèvres by nendo

Design for the traditional French porcelain manufacturer founded in 1740

gooood book <THE 100-YEAR LIFE> Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

(Only Chinese) If we all live to be 100 years old, what should we do with our lives and work?

AURA VASES by Alejandra Perini

weld seams create an aura effect

Valerie objects by nendo

X-ray reflection skeleton image for tableware design

Overseas NO.78: Ji Shi

The No.78 episode is about Ji Shi who graduated from Princeton University and is now working for KVA MATx

gooood book <Shanghai Modern Architecture>

(Only Chinese) Shanghai architecture from modern to contemporary

Pinch and Wall Hook By MOEBE

To capture small precious things in life

AESTUS by odk.design

To express the forces of formation in robotic fabrication

MUJI Materials Garden, New York by Ladies & Gentlemen studio

Immersive installation

Wemo wearable memo by kenma Inc

A memo which can wear on the mobile device

New type of assembled furniture by Li Feng

Regress to material


side table inspired by the shape left on trees chewed on by beavers

Meridian Lamp by Regular Company

By decomposition of the table lamp to create the Meridian lamp

Nixie tube clock Saturn-5 by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov

new table clock made of Nixie tube

PRIME news branding by nendo

Making news become a comforting “matter of course”

The Element No.1 side table by Simo Lahtinen

The minimalistic design combines the Nordic design language with genuine functionality.

Durch lookout by Zdeněk Fránek

To be humble, the lookout frames the landscape as the most beautiful picture.