Four New Collections by Dowel Jones

Simple ans strong

gooood archive: Pink

Selected Pink projects

Slow Motion exhibition by Aldo Bakker

Slowing down the process of “seeing”

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We are looking for you!(only in Chinese)

Cat-Bowl by Xiaofeng Mei

Put a cat in a fishbowl

Slice series by Studio Jeong Ho Ko + Frnkl

Balancing between tension and relaxation

Particles Of Life – Ecok Future in Shanghai, China by Shanghai Atelier Design Continuum

Shanghai municipal education commission green maker space

Totem Lights by Studio Sabine Marcelis

A multifaceted play between resin and light reflections

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        gooood archive: Felt

        Selected projects including felt

        AD: UCL Bartlett Beijing Workshop 2019

        Go Hard or Go Home! Reduce negative design impact and increase environmental happiness.

        ARPINO wins RED DOT Award Best of the Best – Urban Design 

        The ‘OXS’ series shapes the emerging public space for multicultural and technological interaction

        Salvage Swings by Somewhere Studio

        Swing beacon

        The Balance of New Life by Kosaku Matsumoto + Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa

        To review our casual behaviour in daily life and the surrounding space

        Architecture x Fashion – A Dialogue – The Exhibition to mark 20 years of gmp in China opened in Hamburg

        Exhibition to mark 20 years of gmp in China as part of the Hamburger Architektur Sommer opens from June 29 to July 12, 2019

        The hat’s limitation by Kosaku Matsumoto

        How big can a hat really be?

        Cloudscape by Mason Studio

        Walking among the cloud

        MOVA, China by Zen-In Architects

        traditional intension and contemporary extension

        gooood archive: Black and white space

        Selected “Black and white” Projects