One City development, Gemdale Wuhan by ASPECT Studios

City living room full of fashion and vitality

Museum Garage, Miami Design District by K/R, Clavel Arquitectos, J. Mayer. H., WORKac and Nicolas Buffe

“Cadavre Exquis” by five designers

Hotel Silena by noa*

Magic in the moor


The tree house with twisted roof

Renovation for Tourist Service Center at Yumen Pass in Dunhuang by United Design U10 Atelier, China Architecture

Spring of Yumen Pass

Tarrawarra Abbey by Baldasso Cortese Architects

A secure fire shelter built for the abbey’s monks and other community members

The world’s first smart constructed garden by Xu Weiguo, Tsinghua University (School of Architecture) – Zoina Land Joint Research Center for Digital Architecture

A brick labyrinth garden

Guest Pavilion In Marbella by El Muelle Arquitectos

Independent open-space pavilions renovated from a villa built in the 1970s

The 2018 Serpentine Pavilion by Frida Escobedo

A subtle interplay of light, water and geometry

Zhengzhou Greenland towers by gmp

Recreation areas in the vertical

Portsoken Pavilion, London by Make Architects

Time linking station

Crystal Laputa, China by 5+Design

A vertical community floating over an expansive lake

Domino Park Playground by Mark Reigelman II

Sweet journey through factory

House Under a Bridge by ras-a studio

To extend the living space without increasing the home’s footprint


Scenery flowing office

Obscure Reality of Beijing Fun by WANG Yonggang · Idea Latitude Public Art Institute

The highest good is like water

DublDom in Kandalaksha by BIO Architects

A shelter for tourists based on the standard modules of DublDom

Icha Chateau, China by Spacemen

Restaurant in tea plantations