Floating by Shen Ting Tseng Architects

An intimate yet public field.

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台北市立美术馆馆前广场位于都市边缘,北侧紧邻基隆河畔,风势强劲且阳光炽烈,人们很少在此停留,空间总是空旷而缺乏活力。2016 X-site「浮光之间」将风筝天棚与曲面岛屿作上上系结,使成为漂浮之亭,概念来自基地上特殊的自然状态,借着风筝与风,光的相互作用,引导人们用新的方式去感觉这个空间,创造一处汇聚人的注目与驻足,具有柔软公共性的场域。

“Floating” was a temporal architecture exhibition held in the Taipei Fine Art Museum plaza which lasted for 3 months in 2016. The plaza is situated on the edge of urban center, adjacent to riverbank on the north side, hence causing frequent wind across the plaza. Due to the unbearable gusts of wind and subtropical sun on this plaza, people visiting the museum usually hurry inside the museum building, leaving the plaza a space lacking vitality. In response to the natural forces of the site, the concept of “Floating” is derived from the attributes of wind and light. By joining the kite canopy and the curved island platform from above and below, a pavilion that captures breeze and light is created, floating amidst the plaza. Through the interaction between kite canopy and natural forces, a new way of perceiving the space is provided. The plaza becomes the focal point of attention and participation, an intimate yet public field.



The kite canopy is consisted of 320 box-shaped kites. The swaying motions of kites enhance the unique presence of wind, providing a place of relaxation. Sun light across different time of the day permeated through the kites, transforming and creating multiple presentations of light and shades.

▼风筝天棚由320颗仿拟北美馆大厅格子梁之箱型风筝构成,the kite canopy is consisted of 320 box-shaped kites


Beneath the canopy is a curved island ascending towards the center. The light cast onto the curvilinear surface permeated through the kites creates a feast of light and shadow. Visitors approach out of curiosity, meander within the pavilion, laying under the shades or sliding down the curved slope. Wandering towards the center, a pink spherical void is placed within the island. When entered, the unique sound effect reflected by the spherical space and the natural elements embrace the visitor with a sense of serenity.,

▼岛屿中心内凹的球形虚空,a pink spherical void is placed within the island


The AR Emerging Architecture Awards (Final List)(UK)
ADA, Awards for Emerging Architects (Final List)(Taiwan)

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