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小隐建筑事务所 | About Archermit

小隐建筑事务所 2015年4月创立于中国成都。意象建筑论的开创者和践行者,意象建筑流派的先锋代表。

Archermit was founded in Chengdu, China in April 2015.The pioneer and practitioner of the Imagist Theory of Architecture, and the pioneer representative of the School of Imagist Architecture.


The core concept of Archermit is to create a new multidimensional space experience, and create a poetic space environment with emotion and vitality.Pursue the design of symbiosis with nature and coexistence with the site, advocating refined design and full-process design exploration mode.Attach great importance to the integration and exploration of the contemporary and locality of Chinese architecture, and create a spiritual field that belongs to and transcends the local.Root the balance of design in the relationship among traditional cultures, modern technology and social economy and responsibility, and strive to become the disseminator and creator of Chinese culture and civilization。


公司项目 | Projects

International Self-drive Tour and Recreational Vehicle Campsite·Ranwu Lake ·Tibet

Bamboo Branch Academy

China Good grain and oil exhibition Center

Southwest Independent Architects Group Exhibition-Chaotic Image

Chengdu·Supo Gallery

Woyun Platform of Longmen Mountain

Viewing Platform of Nujiang(Salween River) 72-turnings Canyon·Basu·Tibet

Viewing Platform Under the Moon of Seven Villages


招聘职位 | Join us

O 高级建筑师 Senior Architect

1. 建筑学专业学士及以上学位,3年以上优秀建筑事务所工作经验;
2. 全程参与过公共建筑项目,关注建筑细节、材料构造;
3. 设计能力优秀和专业知识扎实,有钻研精神;
4. 兼具团队精神、出色的领导力,能领导、协调团队高效工作;
5. 熟练掌握和应用AutoCAD、Sketchup、Rhino等设计软件,了解Maya和Revit更佳;
6. 具有境外设计公司工作经验、中英俱佳者优先。

1. Bachelor or higher degree in architecture education. Have at least three years of previous professional work experiences on the excellent architectural company;
2. Participated in public construction projects throughout the process, paying attention to architectural details and material construction;
3. Unique design ability, solid professional knowledge and research spirit;
4. Have both team spirit and outstanding leadership, able to lead and coordinate the efficient work of the team;
5. Excellent skills on AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino and etc. It is better to master Maya and Revit.
6. Experience in working overseas, proficient in English is preferred.

建筑师 Architect

1. 建筑学专业本科及以上学位;
2. 熟练掌握和应用AutoCAD、Sketchup、Rhino、Lumion等设计软件;
3. 热爱设计、思维活跃、逻辑清晰,工作主动、严谨,能适应高效的工作环境;
4. 优秀的专业素质,有较强的沟通能力、团队合作精神和服务意识。
5. 有海外留学经历、中英俱佳者优先。

1. Bachelor or higher degree in architecture education;
2. Excellent skills on AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, Lumion and etc.;
3. high passion for design, active thinking, clear logic, dynamic and rigorous in work, able to adapt to an efficient working environment;
4. Excellent professional quality, strong communication skills, teamwork spirit and service consciousness;
5. Experience in studying abroad, proficient in English is preferred.

O 建筑深化设计师 Architectural Development Designer

1. 5年以上建筑施工图工作经验,熟练运用天正建筑、Sketchup等建筑设计工作所需专业软件,有知名设计公司工作经验或施工现场经验者优先;
2. 精通建筑相关法规、规范和各专业之间配合要求,协助配合主创设计师做好深化设计工作,完成全套建筑扩初;
3. 负责工程项目的施工现场变更、关键节点的施工交底,解决施工难点;
4. 熟悉施工工艺和材料,敢于创新,把握设计的合理性及对成本的把控;
5. 具备较强的组织能力、沟通能力、突发事件应变能力,有较强的责任心和工作抗压能力。

1. At least 5 years working experience; Proficient in AutoCAD,TArch,SketchUp and other architetcure design softwares; Experience in famous firms or construction site is preferred.
2. Proficient in building related laws,codes and cooperation between various professions, assist with the Chief Architects to deepen the design work.
3. Responsible for the changes of the project happen at the construction site, the construction disclosure of key nodes, solving the construction difficulties.
4. Familiar with construction technology and materials, willing to innovate, grasp the rationality of design and control the cost.
5. Strong organizational skills, communication skills, emergency response ability, strong sense of responsibility and anti-pressure ability.

媒体运营 Media Operator

1. 媒体或设计相关专业本科及以上学历,具有优秀的中英文表达及翻译能力;
2. 热爱设计,对于建筑设计及相关设计行业有一定的认知;
3. 管理公司官方网站与其他宣传平台的更新,协助各类宣传工作与公司活动;
4. 负责公司微信公众号、微博等自媒体平台的运营,拓展宣传渠道和创新宣传方式;
5. 负责公司国内外建筑奖项的申报;
6. 认真负责,工作积极主动,适应性强,具有团队合作精神。

1. Bachelor degree or above in media or design, with excellent English and Chinese expression and translation skills;
2. Love design, have a certain understanding of architectural design and related design industry;
3. Manage the update of the company’s official website and other promotional platforms, and assist in various promotional work and corporate activities;
4. Responsible for the operation of Wechat official account and Weibo, expanding publicity channels and innovating publicity methods;
5. Responsible for the application of domestic and international architectural awards;
6. Serious and responsible, proactive, adaptable and team cooperating spirit.

实习生 Intern

1. 建筑学专业本科大四以上或研究生在读;
2. 热爱设计,熟练使用相关设计软件;
3. 有出色的设计能力和研究能力;
4. 实习申请需在邮件正文中注明期望的实习起止日期,保证全职实习期三个月以上。

1. Undergraduate degree or above in architecture major or Master student;
2. Have a great passion for design. Excellent skills on AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, Lumion Photoshop and etc;
3. Have excellent design and research capabilities;
4. Please indicate the start and end date of your intern period in the email, at least 3 months will be accepted.


申请方式 | How To Apply

请将个人简历和作品集以PDF格式发送至公司邮箱:hr@archermit.com ,邮件标题注明“姓名+应聘职位+招聘信息获取渠道”;邮件内请注明最早入职时间。

Please send your application letter, profile and portfolio in PDF format to the office email: hr@archermit.com
The subject of the email should indicate “name + application position + recruitment information acquisition channel”; please note the earliest entry time in the email.
We will contact applicants for suitable positions and arrange interviews within two weeks of receiving applications.
Please forgive us for not replying to the emails one by one!

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