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Joyce找到我,想为BY JOVE在杭州的花店做一个特别的空间。

Joyce founded me someday with a request. She wanted to have a special florist space for her brand, BY JOVE, in Hangzhou.

▼BY JOVE杭州花店外观,exterior view of BY JOVE in Hangzhou  © Arttteeezy

真是有趣的业主啊,浪漫隽永的永生花在她手中被赋予了另一种亲近可爱的温度。虽是花店,但又包含了咖啡,家居用品和花艺培训的复合功能。我决心这会是Mur Mur Lab“现象”最丰富的一家未来商店,用温柔的弧线怀抱起十二首温暖的“情”诗。

Joyce is an interesting client. Such romantic and meaningful Preserved Flowers are endowed with a sense of intimacy and loveliness under her hands. It is rather a multifunctional space than a flower shop. It offers coffee, desserts, home accessories and floral curriculum. I felt determined that it would become the most phenomenon versatile future store design of Mur Mur Lab. We wrote twelve little poems threaded by a soft curve, in a warm and loving way.

▼橱窗展示-告别仙人掌,display window-farewell to the cactus  © 含之


▼制造场景,diagram of the scenes  © samoon

It is a design started from the parts. I tried to describe the phenomenon of every scene while leaving the consideration of overall structure behind. What would the space look like when light shed through the gauze curtain? Would the dark blue sky glitter with mellowing starry light? Is it possible to freeze the moment of raindrops falling down? Those beautiful imagination came to our mind before the existence of the actual space. Here, the summation of every parts is greater than the whole.

▼空间入口,entrance of the interior  © Arttteeezy


The dramatic narrate begins before you enter. It is a piece of white and a splash of blue in the urban context. In the space, white is the ground color, which is the best color background for others. White of different textures are spread out along with the slightly curved path. All white, white gauze curtain, white cement, white terrazzo, white acrylic, become vibrant when they are rendered with the natural sunlight. Sunlight is the only light that makes architecture into a piece of art. The blue stays in-between white and white, like a pause, or a hint. Along with the spiral staircase, you seemed to leave the light behind. However, at the darkest point, you will see starry light upon you.

▼一层空间-白是底色,蓝夹在白与白之间,first floor-white is the ground color while blue stays in-between white and white  © Arttteeezy

▼船坞形态的空间,dock-shaped space  © Arttteeezy

▼丰富而交错的色彩与材质,rich and interlaced colors with materials  © Arttteeezy

▼雕塑般的楼梯,sculptural staircase  © Arttteeezy

▼在楼梯上回望蓝白相间的一层空间,looking back at the first floor space in blue and white on the stairs   © Arttteeezy


Initially, it is somewhere in nowhere.
Subsequently comes deeper nihility,
Beyond the nihility, is blue and darkness.

▼随着旋转的台阶,人似乎远离了光,在至暗处,有星光洒下,along with the spiral staircase, you seemed to leave the light behind. However, at the darkest point, you will see starry light upon you  © Arttteeezy


▼二层空间入口,entrance of the second floor  © Arttteeezy

Please remember the daydream you walked through, as well as the enlightenment from the twelve little poems. As we ages, life would push us to become grown-ups, forgetting being naive and behaving like an adult. You will realize that there is no way to getting back. It is a matter of rejoice, we believe, to find childlike innocence in your inner world.

▼二层陈列空间,display area on the second floor  © Arttteeezy

▼天花板与墙面装饰,decoration on the wall and ceiling  © 含之(1)© Arttteeezy(2)

▼镜面映射着波纹装饰,为空间增添了柔和的气息,mirrors reflect the wave decoration, creating a soft atmosphere in this space  © 含之

▼入口另一侧的秋千区域,swing area on the other side of the entrance  © 含之

▼窗边展架,window display stand  © Arttteeezy

▼阳光穿过窗帘洒下斑驳光影,sun shines through the curtains and sprinkles mottled shadow  © 含之

▼通往教室的区域,area to the classroom  © Arttteeezy


If you are keen enough, you will see that.

▼内部装饰细节,decoration details  © 含之

▼平面&剖面,plans and sections  © Mur Mur Lab

项目名称:藏在空间里的十二行诗 – BY JOVE
设计方:Mur Mur Lab
设计 & 完成年份:2019.04
Project name: Twelve pieces of poems for BY JOVE
Design: Mur Mur Lab
Contact e-mail: murmurlab@163.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2019.04
Chief Architect: Xia Murong, Li Zhi
Design Team: Li Xinliang, Zheng Yahui
Construction Documents Design: Zhang Zhide
Project location: Fengqi Road No.288, Hangzhou, Zhengjiang Province
Gross Built Area: 190m²
Photo credits: Arttteeezy, Hanzhi
Illustration: samoon
Clients: BY JOVE

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