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Pixeland in Sichuan, China by 100architects (Shanghai)

The outdoor hospitality space made of pixels

Talk to the sea: JW Marriott Hotel Sanya Dadonghai Bay, China by W&R Group

Like a frozen sea breeze, adding the dynamic sense in a static structure

Rosewood Hotel in Bangkok by KPF

The prominent geometric form and indoor vertical gardens

Twelve Pieces of Poems for BY JOVE, China by Mur Mur Lab

Blue and white are interwoven together to compose poem of the space

Living Art Pavilion, China by MOZHAO ARCHITECTS

A furniture store linked with a tea house

BUGA Wood Pavilion by ICD + ITKE + Müllerblaustein Bauwerke GmbH + BEC GmbH + Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 GmbH

The segmented wood shell builds on the biomimetic principle

Yi Jing Yuan Multi-function Hall, Shanghai, China by Green-A Architecture & Decoration Design

Combination of the warmth of wooden structure and the beauty of geometry.

QUAD HOUSE, Beijing, China by ARCHISTRY design & rearch office

A hidden place with the courtyard as the background

4000 Hotpot, China by YINI DESIGN

Futuristic parallel space in reflections

Normal²AB Compound Space in Zhongshan, China by Simple Space Design

Boxes mean the combination of the forms of space, and the white space creates a space that is “empty”

‘T IJ by RAU Architecten + RO&AD Architecten

A parametrically designed “egg” for bird observation

83bands bar, China by JH Architecture

The situation when Dionysus returns home in the sunset

Boundless Tea House, China by ATDESIGN

A place to read visitors with scenery

Miller Park by EskewDumezRipple + Spackman Mossop Michaels

A breathing place in a dense city

Noodle Story by Yatofu Creatives

The combination of old Shanghai eateries, Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong with Nordic design sensibilities

Hotel Mercer 5* at mansion Castelar by Cruz y Ortiz Architects

A luxury hotel transformed from a XIX century palazzo in Sevilla


The feeling of the space will always be recorded in memory, build the snug nest in the heart


Box-like units are stacked one on top of the other and overlapped horizontally