Maapilim Popup Store by Craft & Bloom

A calming corner in bustle city inspired by Grecian rooftop gardens

Twelve Pieces of Poems for BY JOVE, China by Mur Mur Lab

Blue and white are interwoven together to compose poem of the space

Living Art Pavilion, China by MOZHAO ARCHITECTS

A furniture store linked with a tea house

By in Shanghai, China by Spacemen

The 3-dimensional composition of fragments

Panóptica by Jose Luis Muñoz

The wood curved display wall and the round showcase stand out from the black backdrop

UR London Flagship Store – The Scarce Sound by DOMANI

Business milestone oversea of China fashion brand


Celebrate classic style and keep the unique modern Wabi-Sabi


Box-like units are stacked one on top of the other and overlapped horizontally

∞: A Design for Aubyson, China by TO DESIGN

Symbols are applied throughout the space, design is full of infinity

LOVE MORE Lifestyle Studio, China by JCD Interior Design

A lifestyle studio that combines floral art, coffee, desserts and high-end event themed settings

Rain Forest Ganoderma Lucidum Experience Store, China by MOD

A sensory journey created by tropical rainforest fairy

SUPIN+ Life Style Store, China by PMT Partners

A “positive and negative” spatial relationship created by a new set of arches

TSUEN Designer Brand Collection Store, China by Youtian Architectural Design Engineering

Appearance level is justice. Good design is productivity

Ura Window Display by JA! Studio

An editorial insight and water drop from the sky

OceanSpot Co-Retail, China by STUDIO DOHO

An ever-changing shopping store with adaptable display system

Assemble by Réel in Shanghai, China by Kokaistudios

A lifestyle journey in Shanghai

SND Buyer’s Shop, China by Various Associates

The central-axis layout, church-like architectural form, central “milestone”

HEYTEA at Zhengzhou Grand Emporium, China by MOC DESIGN OFFICE

Ink and wash impression in dimension