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Maapilim Popup Store by Craft & Bloom

A calming corner in bustle city inspired by Grecian rooftop gardens

Suzhou Jiangjiaban Buddha Statue Exhibition Space, China by TEAM_BLDG

Suzhou gardens transformed into a quiet, peaceful and restrained exhibition space

Daily by Sivak+Partners

Differential spaces between public and intimacy

House O by Alexis Dornier

Sound wave forms the architecture shape and the interior like the space inside an instrument

The Design Of Office Space in Baishaquan, China by Hangzhou Ju He architecture design firm

The transparent facade and continuous spaces

Twelve Pieces of Poems for BY JOVE, China by Mur Mur Lab

Blue and white are interwoven together to compose poem of the space

X.Ø House by BETA.Ø architecture office

A suspend structure controls the domestic layout

Opa by Vered Kadouri + Craft & Bloom

A simple restaurant, a peaceful cocoon amidst the chaos

Apartment X, China by KC Design Studio

A 14-ping space concentrates diverse lifestyles

By in Shanghai, China by Spacemen

The 3-dimensional composition of fragments

Panóptica by Jose Luis Muñoz

The wood curved display wall and the round showcase stand out from the black backdrop

DOYEE in Hangzhou, China by Hangzhou Trenchant decoration design

The art educational space that breaks up the traditions

4000 Hotpot, China by YINI DESIGN

Futuristic parallel space in reflections

Normal²AB Compound Space in Zhongshan, China by Simple Space Design

Boxes mean the combination of the forms of space, and the white space creates a space that is “empty”

EY OFFICES by LAB5 architects

A kitchenette becomes the HUB of social life and working

Updated Interior Of A Loft Office In An Old Veal Market by LAB5 architects

The generous open loft office and the transparent division structure

Noodle Story by Yatofu Creatives

The combination of old Shanghai eateries, Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong with Nordic design sensibilities

Interior Design of Hillside View by ARRCC

The concerto of the living space consisting of color, texture and materials