The Fifth Facade Symphony – Art installation for 9th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Nantou City of Nanshan by CM Design

Exploring more possibilities of the city

The Great Lawn City Library Of Central Park Of Pingshan by CM Design + 0321STUDIO

An open, modern public reading space

CM Office In Nantou Old Town, China by CM Design

The Visible CM Design

Renovation of SMOORE Liutang Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China by CM Design

Give the current urban industrial buildings more thickness and continuous.

The Chair of Nantou Old Town, China by CM Design

an experiment of morphological translation and material regeneration

Renovation of the Plant Building of Nantou Old Town, Shenzhen, China by CM Design

A juxtaposition of the building and garden

Renovation of SMOORE Headquarters Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China by CM Design

Provide a new typological thinking for the diversification strategies of urban renewal

SMOORE Industrial Space Alteration, China by CM design

Urban Edge Redevelopment

Village In The City – Lane In Village: 10. Creative Drink by CM design

multi-dimensional street space interaction

Village in the city – city in the village: T.LOFT Experience Museum, Shenzhen, China / CM design

Strengthen the functional structure of the community, create a full of attractive “village in city”.