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项目概述 | Project Statement

Baan Plai Haad滨海公寓的场地由两种不同地形组成:一种是小山丘顶部的平地,与海洋没有视觉上的连接;另一种是狭窄而陡峭的斜坡,连接了山顶平地和12米之下的海滩。设计团队需要重新规划空间布局,以提供必要的功能设施,同时尽可能地保留场地内的树木。

The site of a new seaside condominium consists of 2 terrain types. The first is a flat area on top of a small hill, which has no visual connection to the ocean. The other is a narrow and steep slope connecting the flat land to the local beach 12 meters below. The design team had to compose a new spatial structure in order to provide all required facilities and, at the same time, tried our best to save most of existing trees in the site.

▼Baan Plai Haad滨海公寓,Baan Plai Haad Residence


场地 | The Site

Baan Plai Haad(意为“海滩尽头的房子”)位于芭堤雅,是一个包含353个住宅单元的项目,距离曼谷约2小时车程。场地分为两个不同的区域,面积较大的部分是山顶上的一块平地,高出海平面约12米;面积较小的部分是一个狭长而陡峭的管状空间,将山顶平地和海滩连接起来。

Baan Plai Haad (‘House at the end of the Beach’) is a 353-units residential development in Pattaya, about 2 hour’s drive from Bangkok. The site consists of 2 different characteristic terrains. The First and bigger part is a flat land on top of a small hill, about 12 meters above the beach. The second part is a long, narrow and steep “tube-like” space connecting the flat land and the beach together.

▼山顶视野,view from the hill


山顶平地 | The Flat Land


Following the geography, the project is separated into 2 zones. The residential tower and the parking lot were constructed on the flat area. According to the local regulation, 6m wide Fire Lane is required around the tower. However, we strategically planned a new vehicle route, in order to minimize hardscape road, leaving the rest of the Fire Lane as permeable surface, using pebbles and lawn.


▼大楼包含353套住宅,a 353-units residential development


To serve residents of 353 units, the owner requested 3 swimming pools in the property. The first, also the largest, of the 3s was proposed right next to the drop off. The proposed area happened to be occupied by some existing trees. We had to carefully measure their root balls and designed special planters in order to keep all of these trees within our new swimming pool. A series of walls were proposed to create a courtyard-like space, separating the road and drop off area away from the main pool.

▼主游泳池,main pool

▼保留场地原有树木,keep all the trees within the pool

▼一系列围墙,a series of walls


山坡 | The Hill


The Hill is a transitional space between the Flat Land and the beach. With its steep terrain, it was hardly used as function area. Instead of filling or cutting the existing landscape, we decide to use and demonstrate what we already have, the 12-meter elevation change. A series of steps and terraces were integrated into the slope in order to make the space more safe and more functional. Residents were encouraged to spend time at the Hill, instead of just passing by to the beach. As a result, they tend to use the Hill as their resting space before reaching the beach. The second pool was also proposed here, allowing the residents to have a better view of the local beach below.

▼山坡,the hill

▼第二个游泳池,the second pool

▼眺望海滩的绝佳视野,a better view of the local beach


屋顶 | The Roofs


We did not want to leave both building roofs as flat concrete planes. The 3rd Pool was located on the top of Residential Tower to take advantage of the panoramic ocean view while a small garden was proposed on the parking building, using permeable materials to collect rainwater for irrigation use.

▼屋顶泳池,rooftop swimming pool


Overall, the design team has created resort-style facilities as requested by the owner while, at the same time, tried our best to make the project as environment friendly as possible.

▼屋顶花园,roof garden

Project Name: Baan Plai Haad by Sansiri
Completion Date: 2015
Location: Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand
Client: Sansiri Public Company Limited
Design Company: TROP : terrains + open space
Project Director: Pok Kobkongsanti
Project Designer: Paisit ViratigulChatchawan Banjongsiri
Architect: Steven J Leach, Jr. + Associates Limited
Interior Designer: Steven J Leach, Jr. + Associates Limited
Photographer: Wison Tungthunya

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