Black Forest Bio-intelligent Sensing Laboratory for Automobile Media in Nantong, China by XY+Z DESIGN

The pure black space and the unlimited starry night

Project Specs


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Human civilization has gradually grown from the unknown, perception to cognition. The Black Forest Bio-intelligent Sensing Laboratory for Automobile Media is the first key laboratory of China for human-computer interaction, and affective computing based on the cutting-edge technology of bio-intelligence. Entrusted by Xinhuanet Future Media and Convergence Research Institute of Xinhuanet, it is set up for children who love artificial intelligence. It aims to understand human emotionas through interactive games, and then open up a door to the unknown world of the most complex and cutting-edge bio-intelligence sensing research.

▼实验室入口前的前言大厅区,the lobby with the preface before the entrance of the laboratory


Mysterious – Deep and Profound, Unlimited Imagination


How to attract children’s interest through design, in the advanced and sophisticated frontier disciplines?

▼入口前厅内的前言区,the preface area of the lobby before the entrance

▼实验室入口,the entrance of the laboratory


We skillfully express the concept of “Black Forest” and use pure black to create the environment. In the field of brain science and neuroscience, the unknown mysterious world unknown is defined as “black forest”. More and more Black Forests have become white forests during the exploration of the scientists, and there are more black forests to be reclaimed. In the space, we particularly designed the “Blue Planet” dome, placing the unlimited universe in the middle of the forest, making the space infinitely amplified. When the stars flash, the children burst into exclamation. The change of time and space connects the universe with the destiny of human, creating a sense of magnificent.

▼实验室的入口大厅,用纯黑色进行环境营造,the entrance hall of the laboratory, using pure black to create the environment

▼实验室的入口大厅,设计“蓝星球”穹顶,the entrance hall of the laboratory, designing the “Blue Planet” dome


In the project of “Black Forest”, the assembly rate reached over 70%, and the reusable materials accounted for more than 80%, designed with the concept of “natural growth”. The composite function of each area is fully considered, and the space can be utilized to the greatest extent to meet the changing needs of different scenes. We wish to use the “Black Forest” to call for and pass on the protection of nature.

▼影音测评实验室,the audio and video assessment laboratory


Immersive – Silence and Quietness


How to solve the challenge of having children being immersed in the experimental settings? The Black Forest Lab creates a unique nightscape atmosphere for bio-sensing experiments, through drawing on the forest scene to design a friendly lowcarbon, panoramic sound and static environment. The sound and orientation of a needle landing are clearly identifiable during the quiet period, enabling children to focus on the plot.Scientists can accurately capture the changes in the physiological indicators and emotional values of the subjects.

▼影音测评实验室,营造出独特的夜景氛围,the audio and video assessment laboratory in a unique nightscape atmosphere

▼影音测评实验室室内局部,天花板上的点点灯光仿佛星空,partial interior view of the audio and video assessment laboratory, the lights on the ceiling seem like the starry night


Interdisciplinary – Compatible and Challenging


The laboratory design is a great challenge, involving multiple disciplines such as brain science, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, computer science, wireless communication, and film and television communication. The design needs to be balanced towards complex needs, communication with scientists of various fields, in order to best realize customer needs. At the same time, the design must fully consider the age and psychological feelings of audiences, and the need of many user research and pilot experiments, which is almost beyond the boundaries of traditional design. We realize that the future design will definitely face the multiple challenges of interdisciplinary, all-media, and no-time gap convergence. For this project, the chief coordinator is dedicated at the site, spending 27 days doing research, communication, design and construction. The project was successfully completed before the opening of The 3rd International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference, attended by over 1600 delegates from more than 20 countries around the world. The design was highly praised.

▼用户访谈实验室(左),室内走廊和走廊右侧的测评交流区(右),the interview laboratory (left), the corridor and the evaluation communication area on its right (right)

▼平面布置图,layout plan


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