Taketa Municipal Library by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Open the castle town from its section

Project Specs


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Taketa city, Oita, next to Kumamoto is a town of central Kyusyu and has a population of about 20,000. The center is a castle town surrounded by the mountain on all sides and remain unique atmosphere such as a section of the city and width of a road. However, there are few people who walk around the town and people of the town proceed with “A project of regeneration castle town” to overcome the situation and the vanguard is to rebuild of the library.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼停车场视角,view from the car park

▼街道视角,view from the street



In this plan, they carried out “A dividing of roof” and “A separation roof and wall” adopting a gable roof and a white wall in view of affinity with a scene of the castle town. And they tried to drop an environment of the castle town like light, wind and scene in three-dimensional into an architecture from a space which come out from there. Internal of the architecture form a space integrated into one which the air volume is large and characterizing each place are bookshelves.

▼设计利用坡屋顶和白墙来呼应城市的既有景致,the design adopted a gable roof and a white wall in view of affinity with a scene of the castle town

▼屋顶细部,roof detailed view




They circle in the building while they curve gently like the flow of water and wind. The arrangement came from taking in an architecture the flow of wind which trend unidirectionally year-round. Bookshelves encourage the movement of visitant by this form and make a space depending on each place by height which changes in various way. They tried to make room which has a feature, for example south open shelves like a light plain, north open shelves like a silent forest and open shelves on the second floor like close cave.

▼室内概览,interior overview

▼开放式书架,open book shelves

▼高度不一的书架,book shelves with varying height

▼书架呈弧线式布局,如水流和微风般轻柔地流动在空间当中,the book shelves circle in the building while they curve gently like the flow of water and wind

▼北区窗边阅读区,reading area beside the window in the north open-shelves room

▼连接南北阅读区的服务区,service area linking the north and south library zone

▼上下层空间关系,the spatial relationship between levels

▼南区休闲座位,lounge area

▼故事广场,talking square

▼二层阅读空间,reading area on the second floor


▼从剖面入手,将屋顶和墙壁向城市打开,the design crossed the section and opened the roof and wall to take in  the environment

At castle town, the town never extend and the elements of scenes like the section, the width of a road, roof, wall also never change. These things which never change make this city. Based on it, we cross the section and cultivate the site, moreover open the roof and wall to take in  the environment of the castle town, and make a place to encourage movement of people. That is opening of the castle town from “Steady order” which the town has. We got a feeling that a new city starts to act from here.

▼露台阅读区,reading terrace

▼临街立面,street facade

▼夜景,night view

Client: Taketa City
Location: Taketa City, Oita
Structural design: Hirohide TAO
Gross useable floor space: 1,577.62 mq
Lot size: 2,800.88 mq
Competition (year): 2014
Start of work: December 2014
Completion of work: March 2017
Structure in: Reinforced concrete construction, steel construction,
and steel framed reinforced concrete structure
Facades in: Please refer to Outdoor surfaces
Indoor surfaces:
<Open-shelves library room>
Floors:Vinyl weave tile carpet
Walls: Painted plasterboard
Ceilings: Painted steel expanded metal
<Tatami room>
Floors: Tatami
Walls: Perforated non-combustible cedar decorative plate
Ceilings: Painted woodwool cement board
<Open-shelves library room on the second floor>
Floors:Tile carpet
Walls: Painted plasterboard, glass
Ceilings: Painted Steel expanded metal, glass
Outdoor surfaces:
Roof: Phosphoric acid treated stainless plate
Walls: Ceramic hybrid fine ultra-low-pollution paint
Painted steel expanded metal on extruded cement board
Painted extruded cement board
Floors: Please refer to Indoor surfaces
Photographs: By Toshiyuki YANO
Architects Website: http://www.shio-atl.com/english/e_top.html

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