The Monument Collection by mpgmb

A limited edition of handmade sculptural vessels

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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艺术家Marie-Pier Guilmain和Maud Beauchamp都热衷于设计,且两人的设计风格互补,更为重要的是,他们都喜欢探索材料的自然特性,而这便是这个名为“Monument”的装饰性系列器皿的灵感来源。这个陶瓷制的系列器皿表达出大自然的永恒性、流动性和恰到好处的不完美之美。它适用于任何地方,人们可以把它当作装饰性的器具,也可以把它当作花盆,在其中增添几抹绿意,但无论怎样使用它,都能感受到它所创造出的和谐的氛围。

With their combined passion for design and complementary styles, Marie-Pier Guilmain and Maud Beauchamp love exploring nature’s part in materials. This is how their decorative jar collection, Monument, came to be. This piece evokes Mother Nature’s timeless, fluid and perfectly imperfect beauty. It creates harmony in any space as a decorative accent or planter with a touch of green.

▼器皿外观,exterior view of the jar

• 限量杯具
• 由米黄色的陶瓷制成,杯子内侧采用搪瓷覆层
• 配有枫木制成的装饰性底座
• 用干毛巾擦拭,不可水洗
• 每件作品都是独一无二的,可能与图片略有不同
• 所有杯具都在蒙特利尔纯手工制作完成
• 杯具尺寸:直径6.5英寸(16.6厘米),高8英寸(20厘米)

• Limited series
• Beige stoneware jar, enamelled interior
• Maple decorative base
• Spot clean only
• Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo
• Handmade in Montreal
• Jar dimensions: 6.5″ (16.6 cm) in diameter x 8″ (20 cm) high

▼器皿外观,由米黄色的陶瓷制成,可作为室内装饰,exterior view of the jar made of the beige stoneware as the decoration

▼器皿外观,配有枫木制成的装饰性底座,exterior view of the jar with the maple decorative base

▼器皿外观,杯子内侧采用搪瓷覆层,exterior view of the jar with the enamelled interior

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