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A language without substance

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悦舍食单甜品店位于南京秦淮区“老门东”,因地处城南中华门以东,故称“门东”, 自古就是江南商贾云集、人文荟萃、传统民居聚集之地。历经多年发展,成为集旅游观光、休闲娱乐、文化传承为一体的历史文化街区。

Yueshe is located in the “East Zhonghua Gate” of Nanjing. The derivation of its name is comes from its location. Since ancient times, The “East Zhonghua Gate” has been a place where gathering merchants, scholars and traditional residents in Jiangnan. After centuries of development, it becomes a historic block integrating tourism, entertainment and cultural heritage.

▼老街里的甜品店,dessert store in the old alley

▼传统山墙&标识, traditional gable& logo


文人美食 | Scholar food


Yueshe is concentrating on “new Chinese style” afternoon tea, which integrates local culture, seasonal ingredients and modern techniques to create contemporary creative desserts based on oriental aesthetics. Yueshe is named after “Suiyuan food list”. Its first store is located near the Suiyuan former site of the writer Yuanmei, and its new store is adjacent to the old site of Mustard Garden of the builder Liyu. These two literati who lived in Nanjing more than 200 years ago inspired Yueshe and endow its food with literati elegance and delicacy.

▼三开间格局,three-bay structure

▼空间深度,depth of the space


文人宅院 | Scholar house


This program is a three-bay traditional residential form. The key philosophy is to emphasize the role of scope of this three-bay. We set the entrance in the middle hall and with the operation room in the back, the left and right rooms are teahouses. The hall is separated by a slightly raised white box, allowing two teahouses oppositely. The separation extends the visual sense. A wooden door, a window, a framed scenery and a folding windowsill, we use these ways to make a connection with the alley and the old wall. Space is the poetry of literati. “A language without substance” by Roland Barthes’s is our design words we hope can be presented here.


▼茶室内部,teahouse interior

▼茶室入口及细部,teahouse entrance and the details


文人茶室 | Scholar teahouse


“Do not go outside, the landscape has been clear in mind”. The teahouse is the place we hiding from the world which always blending with scholars spiritual morals and the nature. For today’s people, the teahouse is soothing and relieves daily anxiety. With a bowl of tea soup and a dessert, we can go back to place of our agricultural origin with mountains and rivers around you peacefully.

▼一扇木门,wooden door

▼一个折叠窗台,folding windowsill

▼一个景窗,framed scenery

▼一个橱窗,show window



Project name: Yueshe Patisserie
Design company: Yue-Design Space Design Studio
Design period: 2019.7-2019.8
Construction period: 2019.8-2019.10
Leader designer: Chang Chen, Wu Yuanyuan
Project location: 35# Zhongying Alley, Nanjing
Project area: 65㎡
Photo credits: Min Xiaofang
Main material: plaster, oak wood
Products used in the project: ZESTMAN, panDOMO

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