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A “slow space” in the busy city

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“The fast-paced urban life makes us forget to slow down our pace and feel the beauty around us. Therefore, we hope to create a space for people to slow down and perceive and discover the daily beauty around us, which is our original intention to create something…” Youwuu is located in the most prosperous vientiane huishang district in luzhou. I remember that when I first came to the site, I felt unsatisfactory. The lighting and ventilation of the whole environment were extremely poor. How to create a fresh and bright, natural and comfortable environment in such a space? A team of designers at yogi tried to discover the other side of it…

▼生活美学集合店,designer brand collection store


用“空间”表达空间|Use “space” to express space



How to break inflexible space? We try to divide the original space, according to the different functions, divided into patchwork space form, so that each area is inclusive and slightly different, forming a rich sense of hierarchy and interesting reading points, to avoid the boring feeling of “a glance through”. And when you walk into something, when you walk through it, you will slowly explore and perceive each feasible, prospective, and stop-reading point in space…


▼一层空间,1st floor space

▼丰富的层次感与趣味阅读点,a rich sense of hierarchy and interesting reading points


“不装饰”的装饰|”Unadorned” decorations


A lot of people say “light decorate, heavy adornment”, look be like a simple word, it is not pure however just place adorn article. Compared with interior decoration, we are more willing to study the space itself. In fact, no matter it is the spatial relationship, scale and proportion, material and color, and light, it can touch the audience more than a decorative model. And this is what we hope to convey through youwu.

▼错落有致的空间形态,forming a rich sense of hierarchy and interesting reading points

▼轻装修,重装饰,light decorate, heavy adornment


与传统门店展示不同的空间体验|A different spatial experience from traditional stores


It’s not uncommon to open a home furnishing store, but how can you open a home furnishing store that everyone loves and wants to clock in? Stylist hope will have · content makes the home of an inspiration, you can be in this “home” along with ramble in buy along with photograph, still can get collocation inspiration source from space, colour, act the role of article in, or, when you are tired, can come this “home” drink cup of afternoon tea… And this “home” the corner of every life in, choose carefully by stylist and put, when letting each implement is not used, putting only very good-looking, and this “home” the daily detail in the life, will let human heart give birth to move…

▼从空间,色彩,饰品中获取搭配灵感的来源,get collocation inspiration source from space, colour

▼商品展示架,product display


设计中的“亲生物原则”|”Biophilia principle” in design


Compared with high-grade materials, we prefer to emphasize the nature, environmental protection and health of materials in the design. We follow the concept of natural aesthetics, abandon the accumulation of materials and shapes, with pure spatial form and latex paint, solid wood veneer, solid wood flooring, artificial stone, the most simple and common material collocation, to build a safe, quiet, yet delicate “home” in the surrounding downtown. Youwuu, in the center of the city, brings you a moment of peace and touching; Put yourself in the presence of things, beautiful things will touch your sight, hearing, smell and touch, and the inspiration of life will grow slowly in your heart…

▼遵循自然美学的理念,the concept of natural aesthetics


▼平面图,floor plans

项目名称:有·物 设计师生活美学集合店
设计方:有·物 设计顾问
主创及设计团队:黄磊 孙红权
项目地址:四川 泸州

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