The Sanya Edition, China / I.S.C Design Studio & Cap Atelier

The Tropical hotel elevates the resort Lifestyle to a new level of luxury.

Project Specs


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艾迪逊集团最近在中国三亚创建了第一间 EDITION 酒店,三亚 EDITION 酒店位于中国南海的海南岛上,酒店拥有超过100万平方尺的青翠热带园林。

The internationally renowned American hotel EDITION expanded its global influence with the opening of The Sanya EDITION, his first hotel in China. A spectacular oceanfront destination on Hainan Island, just off the coast of Southern China, The Sanya EDITION comprises over 1 million sq ft of lush landscaped grounds.

▼酒店鸟瞰,Bird’s eye view of the Hotel



Lobby & Reception Pavilions


As guests enter the property, tropical rain trees line the driveway, leading them to the Port Corchere, a 10,000 sq ft reflective pool with a highly polished black granite finish that is framed by rows of dramatically lit lush bamboo. The reception area establishes the sense of luxurious tranquility as arriving guests are greeted with a striking view of the private ocean. Clean and minimal, the open-air architecture creates a beautiful, welcoming setting.

▼入口大堂,The Lobby

受到海南岛黎族村庄的启发,大堂的主要功能区——酒店接待处、落客等候区、大堂休息区、The Limited EDITION生活风尚商店和水疗中心接待处,分别位于以实心柚木制成的独立矩形亭中。设计师将接待亭设计成“浮动”于池塘上的客厅。为展示东方文化,亭子以定制雕塑和当地艺术家的手工刺绣丝绸挂毯为特色。

Inspired by the Hainan Island’s ‘Li’ tribal villages, the major functional zones of the lobby – the hotel receptions, drop-off waiting lounge, lobby lounge and EDITION lifestyle shop and the spa reception – are separately housed in individual rectangular pavilions which are clad with solid teak wood lattice. The reception pavilions are designed as living rooms “floating” on reflecting pools. Embracing Sanya’s cultural touchstones, the pavilions feature custom-made sculptures and hand-embroidered silk tapestries from local artists.

▼接待处,The Reception

▼休息处,The Lounge


The Restaurants

为了突显仓库的概念,Market at EDITION设有白色橡木货架,以及展示手工陶器、茶叶、玻璃药草罐、陶瓷板和碗的架子。餐厅以一层垂直的柚木为外墙。高楼底的空间建有刻意以刷漆做出复古感的实心橡木柱子。各式白橡木木餐椅、米色皮革和天然灰色内饰,结合定制设计的盒型厢座令人目不暇接。

To reinforce the warehouse concept, Market at EDITION is styled with whitewashed oak shelves as well as racks displaying hand-made pottery, tea, glass herb jars, ceramic plates and bowls. A layer of vertical solid teak wood lattice defines the architectural shell of the restaurant. The large, high-ceilinged space has columns clad with horizontal solid oak planks in a heavily brushed antique finish. Seating is an eclectic mix of bleached oak wood dining chairs, beige leather and natural grey upholstery with a combination of custom-designed box-like banquettes.

▼晋餐厅,Market At EDITION


Drawing design references from luxury yachts, the walls and ceiling are clad with oak planks in a matte white lacquer finish. The restaurant floor is covered with solid teak wood strips, which extend into the patio platform in front of the restaurant to resemble the sun deck of a modern yacht. A custom- designed 8.3-meter long bar takes centre stage, streamlined in a nautical shape and formed by reconstituted white stone.

▼天鹭餐厅,The Jade Egret


Located at the highest point of the hotel, facing the South China Sea, the rooftop pool, bar and lounge provides a sophisticated pool and relaxation area. The space is a relaxing hideout during the day, and transitions at night with cocktails, appetizers and a rotating calendar of high-profile DJ’s. The interior is clad with solid elm wood in a heavy-brushed aged finish, with long banquettes sofas in deep maroon velvet, which contrasts with dark oak and light grey upholstered lounge chairs. Above the center bar, over 2,075 clear-cut crystal drops are installed on a black stainless steel mirror ceiling to emulate a starry sky.

▼星空吧,Sky Bar

▼星空吧外的泳池,Sky Bar Pool

宾客可以乘船到海鲜餐厅享受美丽的晚上,餐厅以浮动于灯光中的一系列平台组成。 Xian Hai By The Sea有三个小型私人包厅和一个大厅,两者由一个户外实心铁木餐饮平台连接。

Guests can take an idyllic evening ride on a customised boat to the seafood restaurant that comprises a series of illuminated floating platforms. Xian Hai By The Sea is architecturally composed of three small private dining pavilions and one big a-la carte dining pavilion, connected by an outdoor dining platform clad with solid iron wood.

▼鲜海海鲜餐厅,Xian Hai By The Sea

为迎合年轻宾客而打造的Playland Lilliput Village设有一个微型村庄 , 包括消防站、杂货市场和艺术画廊 – 街景充满了各色各样的活动,鼓励孩子们探索、玩耍和创作。Lilliput Village旁边的是儿童俱乐部, 乃为年幼小朋友及其家长们而设的室内设施。在儿童俱乐部,小朋友会被邀请参加一系列的游戏、绘画课和户外活动。

The Playland Lilliput Village caters to younger guests. A full miniature village – including a fire station, grocery market and art gallery – the streetscape is filled with various activities that encourage children to explore, play and create. Adjoining the Lilliput Village is the Kids Club, an indoor facility custom made for younger children accompanied by their parents or nannies. At the Kids Club, youngsters are invited to participate in a range of games, painting classes and outdoor activities.

▼艺术商店,Art Gallery and Limited Retail Shop

▼欢乐火车及碰碰车天地,Playland Train and Bumper Car playground



三亚艾迪逊酒店共有 512 间宽敞的客房,其中包括 46 间套房和 17 座私人别墅。每座坐落于梯田山坡上的精美别墅均附设私人泳池和户外空间。马蹄形酒店布局一展新式奢华,让所有宾客均能欣赏迷人海景。标准客房非常适合一家人,而装潢现代、设计独特的风尚套房则是情侣的理想选择。

All of the 512 guestrooms in the horseshoe-shaped hotel have ocean views. The warm and inviting interiors exude a comfortable, simple sophistication, using light oak finishes and airy fabrics that evoke the beach. Spacious and light-filled, the generously proportioned guest rooms feature 3m tall ceilings. The guestrooms range from a large 47.5m² to an ultra-spacious 53.5m² for the King Room.

▼观海客房,Ocean View Double Double

▼风尚客房,Loft Ocean Front King


The 17 hotel villas boast ocean views, private pools and pavilion space. Architecturally modern and minimal, the design of the villa emphasizes wood and stone textures. Spanning up to 61 m2, the floors and walls are made from honed finish limestone from Indonesia.

▼三居岭海墅,Three Bedroom Villa


业主 / 开发商:三亚晋合置业有限公司
理念 / 项目 / 创意总监:伊恩·施拉格

内饰设计:I.S.C Design Studio / CAP Atelier,
景观设计:Madison Cox
餐厅理念:Paul Hsu
灯光设计:Lighting Planners Associates (LPA)
服装设计:Freddie Leiba

I.S.C.设计工作室:Paul Haslhofer, Kirstin Bailey, Robert Ashton, Stella Bok, Asiya Chowdhury
市场营销工作室:Michelle Gaillard, Ivan Poljak


MANAGEMENT: Marriott International

Interior Design: I.S.C Design Studio / CAP Atelier,
Architecture: SCDA,
Landscape Concept: Madison Cox

LIGHTING DESIGN: Lighting Planners Associates (LPA)
CLOTHING: Freddie Leiba

I.S.C. DESIGN STUDIO: Paul Haslhofer, Kirstin Bailey, Robert Ashton, Stella Bok, Asiya Chowdhury
MARKETING STUDIO: Michelle Gaillard, Ivan Poljak

OPENING DATE: December 2016

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