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A transportable brand ambassador.

Project Specs


非常感谢Innauer Matt Architekten gooood分享以下内容。更多关于他们请至:Innauer Matt Architekten on gooood.
Appreciation towards Innauer Matt Architekten for providing the following description.

设计师为Kaspar Greber木料建筑公司及其合作商设计的展品不同于普通的纸质宣传图册。所有潜在客户都可以亲身体验材料的各种性能。展品的山形屋顶完美体现了木料公司在房屋制造方面的核心竞争力。

Our exhibition house for timber construction company Kaspar Greber and its cooperating timber trading partners transcends classic product presentation by means of samples and leaflets. Potential clients and visitors can experience the product and its construction first hand, by touching, smelling, feeling it. Our take on the region’s classic gable roof refers to the company’s core competence, house building.

▼山形屋顶体现建筑公司的建造工艺,classic gable roof refers to the company’s core competence

▼全实木打造,solid wood product


The company’s in-house solid wood product “Nadelstreif/Pinstripe” is represented in both the construction and the pavilion interior. The characteristics of the various surfaces and varieties of wood (spruce, fir, oak) can speak for themselves while dividing the exhibition space inside the pavilion into different presentation areas. The raw, untreated natural wood creates a relaxed atmosphere, showcasing the positive effects of this construction material at its best. The solid wood structures of walls and ceilings are represented proportionally and can be seen close-up at the openings. Doors and windows are round and invite visitors to take a closer look. The protruding wooden dowels in the cut-out openings demonstrate the stiction-based construction. Moreover, the wall, ceiling and floor connections can be seen true to scale.

▼等比例内部空间,proportionally represented

▼圆形窗口,round window

▼圆形木门,round door

▼突出的木质钉梢, protruding wooden dowels

▼真实的建造方式,real way of construction


The temporary exhibition pavilion is a tangible tool for marketing and showcasing wood constructing, craftsmanship and architecture. Apart from being presented at fairs and exhibitions, the movable building is available for festive events such as weddings or corporate dinners in scenic places in the region. An exceptional, transportable brand ambassador that goes a long way.

▼可移动的临时展馆,movable exhibition pavilion




Object: Exhibition House

Location: 6870 Bezau, Vorarlberg, Austria

Owner: Kaspar Greber Zimmerei / Hausbau, 6870 Bezau

Architects: Innauer-Matt Architekten, 6870 Beau
Structural Engineer: Merz Kley Partner / Gordian Kley, 6850 Dornbirn
Development period: 02 2014 – 08 2014
Construction: 07 2014 – 08 2014
Floor space: 30 sqm
Construction: prefabricated wood construction using Pinstripe solid wood elements
Interior: Pinstripe solid wood elements in spruce, fir, oak
Windows: round wooden window frame in spruce, double glazing
Façade: silver fir cladding
Roof: silver fir cladding
Photographers: Darko Todorovic, 6850 Dornbirn,Studio 22 – Marcel Hagen, 6850 Dornbirn, Kaspar Greber, 6870 Bezau

More: Innauer Matt Architekten,更多关于他们请至:Innauer Matt Architekten on gooood.

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