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The materials are from where they are located.

Project Specs


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项目概况 Project overview


Naked Gallery is located in naked Stales, a resort at the foot of Moganshan. It is made up of four special pavilions, of which the Tea Pavilion is the largest one built along the lake. The Bamboo Art Pavilion and the Pottery Art Pavilion are places for guests to experience the traditional handicrafts. The Project Pavilion is the demonstration center of naked Gallery. It is a principle of naked Stables to give priority to the environmentally-friendly design concept. The designer interprets the ecological concept by combining traditional materials with modern waste materials. “Three 75%” ecological design idea is proposed, that is including 75% of sustainable and renewable materials, 75% of recyclable materials and 75% of work by local craftsmen.

▼裸心小馆,naked Gallery

▼鸟瞰图,bird view

▼远眺茶艺馆,Tea Art Pavilion

▼竹艺馆,Bamboo Art Pavilion

▼陶艺馆,Pottery Art Pavilion


生态营造策略    Ecological creation strategies 

裸心小馆建筑材料包括石、夯土、毛竹和钢龙骨。石头就地取材,夯土材料来自 度假村内 其他场地 挖掘的泥土,有效地解决了一部分泥土处理问题同时使建筑形成“取之于土,形之于土,归之于土”的生态循环过程。莫干山盛产的毛竹具有韧性强、灵活易组装等特点,被用于建筑的支撑结构。天然材料的选用使建筑末年可再次回归土地,从而形成源于土地的生态建筑。

Construction materials of naked Gallery include stones, rammed earth, moso bamboos, and steel joists. Stones are from where naked Gallery is located, while rammed earth is the earth excavated from the other sites in the resort. This can effectively resolve processing of part of the earth and form an ecological cycle for the architecture, namely “get from the soil, shape by the soil and return to the soil”. Moganshan is abundant in moso bamboos. Being tenacious, flexible and easy for assembling, these moso bamboos are perfect materials to form the supporting structure of the architecture. Use of natural materials allows the architecture to return to the earth by the end of its service life. This lives up to the concept of ecological architecture from the earth.   

▼当地天然材料,local natural materials


The materials of the formwork and the joist of naked Gallery are collected from the waste materials of other architecture in the resort. According to the formwork, the architecture forms a natural circle. Use of waste materials realizes efficient recycling of resources, reduces generation of rubbish, and alleviates the influence on natural environment. 

▼废弃材料再利用,reuse of waste materials


The project employs local craftsmen for its construction. Apart from saving cost, it can also increase construction efficiency. The local construction technology can give full play to the material performance and endow the architecture with the countryside aesthetic characteristics. 

▼当地工匠与传统施工工艺,local craftsmen and traditional construction technology


夯土墙做法    Rammed earth walls 


The designer has designed four different rammed earth walls to skillfully cater to every pavilion as a display space. The Pottery Art Pavilion adopts the traditional rammed earth construction technique to enhance the primitive and plain sense of the space, and arouse people’s deepest complex about soil. The Bamboo Art Pavilion gives full expression to the coexistence between two natural materials, namely bamboo and cement. 

▼陶艺馆传统夯土墙做法,traditional rammed earth wall structure of Pottery Art Pavilion

▼竹艺馆墙体做法,wall structure of Bamboo Art Pavilion


Walls of the Tea Art Pavilion and the Project Pavilion combine cement, bamboos and waste steel framed formwork. By doing so, the designer attempt to suggest that the waste materials and the traditional materials can co-exist with each other in a reasonable and renewable model. 

▼茶艺馆墙体构造,wall structure of Tea Art Pavilion

▼项目馆墙体构造,wall structure of Project Pavilion


竹结构屋架    Bamboo structure roof truss 


The bamboo structure roof truss of naked Gallery is characterized by favorable material performance, easiness of construction, and low construction cost. The traditional technology is adopted to achieve the antiseptic effects. Bamboos are boiled to eliminate oil, and then roasted above the fire. During the heating process, the bamboo softens. The external force bends it to form certain shape. It is difficult to put joints between each bamboo due to the cylindrical shape of itself, therefore screws are used for connections. The light and strongly antiseptic bamboo top branches are the best covering materials for the roof. 

▼竹结构屋顶构造,bamboo structure roof

▼竹结构屋顶平面图,bamboo structure roof layout



The bamboo and the rammed earth set off each other to endow naked Gallery with a unique and primitive texture, and perfectly shows the rational value and economic efficiency of every material. During the construction process, the transportation fees and the construction rubbish are both cut by 90%. 

▼总平面,general layout

设计团队: 晓辉设计工作室(莫干山)
摄影: 陈有坤 

Client: naked Retreats 
Location: Moganshan, Deqing County, Zhejiang, China.
Completion time: Oct, 2011 
Chief designer: Xiaohui Lv
Design team: Xiaohui Designer Studio (Moganshan)
Photographer: Youkun Chen

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