Six-Square Tearoom in Changzhou, China by UAO

The best experience derives from framed scene.

Project Specs


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The six-square-meter tearoom is the smallest architecture designed by Li Tao,chief architect in UAO. Landscape is also designed by UAO.The tearoom is locate by a pool on the north side of the wedding park.The other side of the tearoom resides Xiatang River and wedding park,which ensure the best connection with beautiful scenery. The original site selection strategy is to locate the tearoom on a bund between two water bands.

001-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO

▼ 茶室处于两侧水面夹击的长条堤岸上,The tearoom locates on a bund between two water bands

002-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


The slope facing the west-side roof can be reflected on the opposite side of the pool besides where a black pine wood resides.

▼ 在池塘对岸黑松林里看到茶室的倒影,The tearoom is reflected on the pool

003-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


Entering through the south entrance of the tearoom,people can be guided by a wandering gravel path surrounded by crape myrtle. The Celtis sinensis planted on the north side inclining towards the water and curving towards the tearoom makes a mellow shape contrasting the firm cement wall.

▼ 植物与混凝土墙面形成刚柔对比,The mellow shape of the tree contrast the firm cement wall

004-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


The design of the roof simplified tradition slope roof and used the slope in the middle to facilitate ventilation. The wood-grained cement is protect by a layer of varnish,which brings out thickness of raw cement.The blinds of bamboo shades was preconditioned by boiling to bring out a color similar to that of the wood-grained cement.

▼  建筑中间起坡形成东向通风高窗,The slope in the middle facilitates ventilation

005-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO



However,having tea when accompanied by pleasant scene is not even close to the ultimate realm of Teaism. For example,a tree-house tearoom designed by Fuijimori Terunobu can only accommodate two persons.And this small tearoom is extremely sensitive to movements;it shakes and interrupts tea appreciation whenever the people in it make slight movements.This is intended by Fujimori because he believes, in Teaism,the only body part moving should be throat ,which ensure 100% focus on the taste of tea. This interpretation of Teaism inspired one question:Is full viewing of scenery the most important in Six-Square Tearoom? Our designers believe that,in a particular captivating landscape like Yixi Wedding Park,the best experience would derived from framed scene.

This said,our plan is a half-enclosed,half-sinking box,which can only be accessed by walking down 600mm.Landscape seen from the tearoom is “framed” and “limited”by a 300mm-tall window and 1700mm tall bamboo blinds.Thus, we have to bow in order to appreciate the scenery,which conveys humbleness towards Teaism and nature.

▼ 半封闭,半下沉的盒子,A half-enclosed,half-sinking box

006-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


The waterside landscape,when appreciate in the tearoom,is framed in a intended crevice.When focused on tea,people in the tea house can have an implicit connection with the outer waterside by waving light reflected on the wall.

▼ 竹子百叶半遮挡住视线,The bamboo blinds limit the view

012-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


Cornice of the tearoom is supported by three pieces of wood-grained cement panels without beam structure. The tree-cement-panel design was intended to facilitate the “framed scene” concept that limits the view in horizontal direction.

▼ 结构墙的位置将视线限制在两边的水面范围,The tree-cement-panel limits the view in horizontal direction

007-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO

▼ 草图与建筑结构,Sketch and the structure

018-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO     017-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


A circle cavity on the north side of the cornice welded a “Six Square” sign,the shade of which can be see by the entrance in summer. Below the cavity is a stone mill designed to “echo” the circular shape.

▼ 北侧入口挑檐的圆形洞口,A circle cavity on the north side of the cornice

013-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO

009-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


A pair of door planks of the old tearoom was reused as a door plank and a tea table in the new Six Square Tearoom. Height of the door is designated to make people bow slightly when entering the tearoom,which echo on the peaceful mindset in Teaism. Sunshine casts shadow of bamboo shades on tea table and cement wall.

▼ 老房子一对门板被改造为茶室的门板与茶桌,A pair of door planks of the old tearoom was reused as a door plank and a tea table

010-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO

011-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO


UAO believes that by appreciating the framed scenery and moderate taste of tea,people can experience the true Teaism in Six-Square Tearoom.

▼ 夜景,Evening View

014-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO

016-Six-Square Tearoom in Hangzhou by UAO

▼ 总平面图,Master Plan


▼ 平、立、剖面,Plan, Elevation and Section


Chief Architect:Li Tao
Architect:Li Long
Landscape Design:Yu Juanjuan,Hu Binsheng,Lv Yuejuan
摄影:存在建筑摄影 苏哲维 李涛
Photograph:Archexist Su Zhewei,Li Tao
Chinese Text:Li Tao
English Text:Li Qing

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