Deyou Amphitheater by UAO

The Heart of East Lake, the poetics of nature and space

Sharing living room of Wuhan High-tech Medical Device Advanced Manufacturing Park by UAO

Space Isomerism

Reconstruction design of Wuhan stray animal base adoption area, China by UAO

Design to deliver goodwill

The Courtyard Memory of Miniature Architecture – Design of public toilet of a hundred square meter for rural tourism in Wuhan, China by UAO Design

Scattered light and shadow on the red brick

Design of landscape and indoor public area of century-old historic block Pinghe Square by UAO Design

Darning and Juxtaposition

Landscape reconstruction of Wuhan Liangyou Red Town Culture and Art Community, China by UAO

The sense of distance and familiarity

Wuhan Qingshan Wedding Hall —— Perfect Design of Integration of Architecture and Landscape by UAO

Landscape corridor leading to pure white wedding hall.

“Yolechang2020” Market by UAO Design

The juxtaposition of historical context and modern installations,a pop-up market design in the Old concession historic district after the epidemic in Wuhan.

Wuhan Liangyou Red Town Art Design Center, China by UAO

The light axis and pop’s facade bring a second life to the old factory buildings

Tingrui Town – The culture reception hall in Doushanyi, China by UAO

Topographic story: horizontal and Upwards