Renovation of school district houses, Beijing by Qiqiaotiangong Decoration Design

Renovation of a small long shape apartment of 50 square meters

Project Specs


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What first comes to your mind when you hear “school district houses”? Limited living space? The crowded life that follows? But in this case, what I want to express is not like that. For children, grades are indeed important, while the growth environment matters more…

▼起居空间概览,overview of living area ©立明


▼平面,plan ©七巧天工设计工作室

For the education of two children, the family moved from a large house to this 50-square-meter residence. What moved here with them were a piano and a large bathtub. They want the house to be the place where the children are able to play freely and do not interfere with each other when doing homework and learning piano. Dad needs a place to work independently, and grandparents stay here from time to time. It is necessary to maximize the use of space in the house, but also to maintain basic privacy among family members. To meet these needs with the typical old house structure of only 50 square meters is literally a challenge for the designer.

▼钢琴安置于起居室,piano placed in living room ©立明

▼沙发及墙面装饰,sofa, piano and decorations on wall ©立明

1. 将主卧东西朝向调整为南北朝向,增加了第三间卧室——儿童房
2. 为保证儿童房的光线以及作为通往卧室的主动线,特将两屋之间做了透光窗、隐蔽式玻璃推拉门和帘式衣柜等尽量增大空间视觉感的处理方式。
3. 横宽尺寸有限的情况下,利用高度设计了上下床,保证两个女孩儿都有相对独立的睡眠空间。

1. The originally east-west-facing master bedroom is adjusted to face north or south. The the children’s room is added as the third bedroom.
2. Measures that maximize the visual sense of the space such as adding light inlet window, concealed sliding glass door and curtain wardrobe between the two rooms are took to ensure the light of children’s room and serve as the active line that leads to a bedroom
3. In the case of limited horizontal width, the height is made use of to place the bunk bed to ensure that both girls have relatively independent sleeping space.

▼上下床,保证相对独立的睡眠空间,bunk bed to ensure relatively independent sleeping space ©立明

▼南北朝向主卧,master bedroom is adjusted to face north or south ©立明

▼两屋之间做了透光窗、隐蔽式玻璃推拉门,adding light inlet window, concealed sliding glass door between the two rooms ©立明

4. 洗手台外置,将卫生间的三个功能区进行分离,利用马桶间背部剩余空间增加横向浴缸。
5. 朝北侧卧室设为地台,在保证睡眠功能同时增加储物功能,并且留有85公分宽的书桌。
6. 客厅作为全家最大的活动区域,同时也承担了餐区的功能。另外在厨房单独增加了早餐台桌椅,让需要早起上班的夫妻俩能更有效率的完成早上的就餐活动。

4. The washbasin is placed outside the bathroom, where three functional areas are separated. The surplus space at the back of the toilet is used to place a bathtub transversely.
5. A platform is designed in the bedroom facing the north to add storage functions while ensuring the sleeping function, and therefore an 85-cm-wide desk is able to be placed there.
6. The sitting room, the largest activity area of the whole family, also serves as the dining area. In addition, the breakfast table and chairs are added separately in the kitchen, so that the husband and wife who need to get up early to go to work can finish their breakfast more efficiently in the morning.

▼朝北侧卧室设为地台,并且留有85公分宽的书桌,platform is designed in the bedroom facing the north, and therefore an 85-cm-wide desk is able to be placed there ©立明

▼厨房及阳台,kitchen and balcony ©立明

▼利用空间嵌入大浴缸,use space to embed in large bathtub ©立明

建筑面积:50 ㎡

Project address: Xizhengmen Outer Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Project Type: Flat House
Building area: 50 ㎡
Main case Design: Wang Bingjie
Completion date: July 2020
Photograph: Li Ming
Construction: Zhang Zhijun
WeChat public account: QiQiaoTianGong Design
Brands: Mylands, karimoku, Shiyou

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