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The beauty of Eastern wabi-sabi

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非常感谢 空舍设计 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards ksdesign for providing the following description:


Teahouse is located in the famous wushan building on the east side of west lake in hangzhou.Teahouse host is tea implement collects lover, hope to use this space to receive collectable, also work tea party friend, the place that lofts send leisurely feeling.

▼茶室内部空间概览-空间用于收纳藏品、品茶会友、寓寄闲情,overview of the teahouse-space is used for collections, meeting friends and leisure


Going back to space, we wanted to deal with it in a more “peaceful” way.In planar layout, did not give anacreontic move line to arrange, each function area is well-connected, make the space is decorated have flexibility more, tea room host can follow a gender according to the mood to put.For the pipes in the original site as well as the concave and convex corners, the strategy adopted is to follow the trend: the pipes crisscrossed at the top are packaged into the track lamp slots;At the positive corner of the pillar, a low wall is built to form an unexpected set point.The axillary Angle structure near the balcony sliding door, the outer wall, supplemented by the stable introverted arc shape.

▼空间设计以一种“平和”的方式处理,各功能区贯通,space is designed in a more “peaceful” way and different function areas are connected

▼凹凸折角不做处理,空间形成意外的布景点,the concave and convex corners are left to form unexpected set points


In order to make the space a container, the relationship between it and the classical, rustic and time-sensitive objects stationed in the future will be more harmonious. The tonality of the space should be an extension of the temperament of the objects.Metope, the top surface USES the large area warm yellow hand scratches the artistic texture, the tonal weight distribution is at will, the surface rough texture is the space to the human touch caters, for has the time feeling the implement to set the atmosphere keynote, also is to “wabi” recessive expression.Oak solid wood is covered brunet go up in furniture, it is to hope to add the sense of quiet of primitive simplicity to the space.

▼墙面、顶面采用大面积暖黄色手刮艺术肌理,the wall and ceiling are in warm yellow hand scratches texture

▼表面粗糙质感的空间与古典质朴、富有年代感的器物之间的关系更加融洽,rough texture creates harmonious relationship with the classical, rustic and time-sensitive objects


What is interesting about this space is that it is constantly changing in the dimension of time. The addition of each piece in the collection will subtly change the atmosphere of the space.What will the future space look like and what kind of relationship will happen between space and objects?It’s an interesting thing.From this perspective, we also become spectators.

▼趣味空间一角,space corner


▼内部立面,interior elevation

摄 影:李金良
材 料:橡木实木、手刮艺术肌理、自流平


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