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A magnificent sense of the grand space circulation.

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The design concept of the hotel was inspired by the hexagonal diamond element in the building facade. Through the analysis of the formation of diamond, which is made from constantly refining of rough stone; the design adopted the cutting and luster characteristics of diamond to shape the space. This concept is throughout the architectural plan layout and every elevation detail. Each detail is a story; a stylish and avant-garde space scene is created by the atmosphere of lighting, stylish furniture and exquisite artworks.

▼酒店入口,Hotel Entrance

002-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Entrance

CCD 希望打造一个“新雅皮,New Yuppies”风格的酒店。之所以说“新”是因为以前一说到雅皮容易联想到的是积极上进、自信坦然、温文尔雅、追求时尚生活,但色彩上却往往只有黑白灰。而 CCD 为三里屯洲际打造的是新雅皮风格:依然追求甚至引领时尚潮流,但是色调却不是只有黑白灰,甚至用宝石蓝作为主色调,营造未来感兼科技感的前卫氛围。

CCD intended to create a “New Yuppies” style hotel. It is “new” for that typical Yuppies symbolizes the pursuit for positive, confident, calm, gentle and fashionable life, with main colors of black, white and grey. CCD’s New Yuppies for InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun stuck to the pursuing of fashion trend, but the color is not only black, white and grey; gemstone blue is acting as the main color to create an avant-garde atmosphere of future and technology.


003-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lobby

005-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lobby


008-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Reception


The interior design is in line with architectural design and makes full use of the spaces of the existing building, in order to create a convenient, elegant and comfortable interior space with reasonable layout, which is conducive to efficient business management and development. For example, by making full use of the advantages and disadvantages of the main structures, the structural column in the way is combined with custom-made arc sofa, forming virtual spaces together with the partition and sinking ceiling. In this way, different functional spaces are independent of each other, while maintaining a magnificent  sense of the grand space circulation.

▼恢弘流畅的大空间,A magnificent  sense of the grand space circulation

006-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lobby


The interior design started from shaping space scene; it is not only about the surface decoration, but also dividing the spaces in an architectural way. Spaces are penetrated into each other, creating an visual experience of alternation of virtual and reality. For example, the architectural space of the lobby is long and narrow with short spatial depth, this existing condition inspired CCD on the spatial processing. CCD broke the traditional design techniques for a lobby, they adopted the way for a fashion boutique store to create the lobby into a stylish avant-garde space. CCD separated the spaces by using screen and shelves which are made of exquisite special glass and crystal, creating different space scenes in the long and narrow lobby area. Another eye-catching place in the lobby is the plant wall, designed by the same method of diamond cutting and patchwork, where green plants are scattered in a well-arranged way, giving the space vigor and vitality. The design of the lobby bar continued the treatment of diamond cutting, where luminous art installation is pouring down and make an impression to the guests.

▼装置艺术和绿色植物让空间焕发生机,the pouring-down luminous art installation and the green plant wall make an impression to the guests

004-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lobby

007-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lobby


The third floor is for dining, where 5 restaurants are distributed, so that people can have choose from them according to their taste and mood. The Top Tapas Restaurant and Top Bar are the first two spaces coming into the public eye, decorated with red color and copper pipe partition to show the Spanish style properly; Ying Japanese Restaurant is surrounded by Ying Chinese Restaurant with “Hermes orange” as the main color; opposite to Ying Restaurant, the Char Dining Room (Steak House) & Lounge is in open industrial style. The Lounge faces Sanlitun Bar Street. Sitting in the lounge at night and facing Sanlitun neon flashing, it has an atmosphere of ardency without being disturbed.

▼三楼的“盈”中餐厅,“Ying” Chinese Restaurant

016-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Ying chinese restaurant

017-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Ying chinese restaurant

018-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Ying chinese restaurant     019-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Ying chinese restaurant

▼西班牙“热点”餐厅,“Top” Tapas restaurant

021-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Top tapas restaurant

020-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Top tapas restaurant

▼西班牙“热点”酒吧,“Top” Bar

022-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Top bar

023-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Top bar

▼“恰”牛排馆,“Char” Steak house

025-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Char steak house

026-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Char steak house

▼啤酒吧,The beer pub

027-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Beer pub

▼连接宴会厅的走廊,The corridor leads to the Banquet Hall

031-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Banquet hall corridor

▼宴会厅,Banquet Hall

030-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Banquet hall


There are a lot of innovations in design, the most unique one is the circular layout of the room, which makes the original rigid 45 square meters guestroom artistic, avant-garde, more open and convenient.


012-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Suite

011-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Suite

▼套房中的浴室,Bathroom of the Suite

013-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Suite bathroom

014-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Suite bathroom

▼标准房间,Standard room

009-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Standard room

010-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Standard room


The Executive Lounge on the 22nd floor is created into a modern space, where the bright and elegant color contrast can awaken the youth of Yuppies. This is certainly the best place for a private party.

▼酒廊,The Executive Lounge

029-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lounge

028-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Lounge

总统套房的设计沿用了时尚精品店概念,而且选择了优雅的 DIOR 迪奥品牌的元素。比如,DIOR 代表性的金色和白色被运用到墙壁、屏风、灯具等设计中。

The design of the presidential suite continued the concept of fashion boutique store, and has chosen the elements of the elegant DIOR brand. For example, DIOR’s representative gold and white are applied to the designs of wall, screen, lamp and so on.

▼豪华的总统套房,The design of the presidential suite

015-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Luxury suite

这次的艺术品选用“纸、钢、木”等材质,特别定制专属此酒店的艺术文化。绿植是设计中的 DNA,让空间拥有更多的自然生机。

There are some artworks which are exclusively customized for the hotel based on its artistic culture, with main materials as paper, steel and wood. Green plant is the DNA of the design, so that the space has more natural vitality.

▼装饰用的艺术品,the artworks and decorations

032-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Elevator


InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun gives new vatality to the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, which is dedicated to creating luxury hotel brands for 70 years. At the same time, it highlights the determination and achievement of InterContinental Hotels Group on the strategic deployment to develop landmark hotels in first-tier cities.

▼位于北京三里屯中心区的洲际酒店,InterContinental Hotel is located in the center of Beijing Sanlitun

001-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Rendering

▼一层平面,Plan of the First Floor

033-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Plan 1F

▼三层平面,Plan of the Third Floor

034-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Plan 3F

▼四层平面,Plan of the Forth Floor

035-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Plan 4F


036-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Plan Guestroom

037-InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun-Plan Guestroom


Design company name: CCD/ Cheng Chung Design (HK)
Project name: InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun
Designer: Joe Cheng
Design time: May 2014 – February 2015
Completion time: August 2016
Project Location: No. 1 Sanlitun, Beijing
Project area: 30,000 square meters
Main materials: resin board, paint board, stone, bronze, leather, cloth

More: Cheng Chung Design, HK,更多关于他们:Cheng Chung Design, HK on gooood.

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