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LIBEN and experience an immersive journey of melody and wine

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ALL DESIGN STUDIO的新作,以“门”为媒介,引导人们走入这间名为LIEBEN的酒吧,感受一段音乐与美酒的沉浸旅程。

The new work of ALL DESIGN STUDIO uses the “door” as the medium to guide people into this bar — LIBEN and experience an immersive journey of melody and wine.

▼项目概览,overall of the project ©Yuuuunstudio


Games Start


Detaching reality, it might start with a “mystery” game.
Stores in the information age are no longer solely dependent on the large signboards. The recommendation from the peer and the reputation of social media are enough to make potential consumers aware of this place. Therefore, why not play a game of treasure hunt with the guests?

the “door” as the medium to guide people into this bar ©Yuuuunstudio


LIEBEN is located on the second floor of 758 Julu Road. The exterior of the bar is covered by clear cement on the wall. The plain and tense concrete texture is a contemporary interpretation of the original charm. Moving forward along the wall, you can see a locked “door”, where you can peek at the current scene in the LIEBEN store from the cat’s eyes. While allowing passing guests to spy on the joyful scenes in the bar, it forms an interesting spatial relationship that reverses the inside and outside. The real door is just in front of the fake door, somehow hide but not difficult to find. Previous trapdoor can be seen further along the fan cement wall, LIEBEN thereby is there. LIEBEN is the verb “love” in German.

▼分析图,diagram ©All Design Studio

LIEBEN在德文中,是动词“爱”之意。此店名灵感来源于Rammstein的《WAS ICH LIEBE》,寻找入口之“门”的过程,呈现空间的“探索性”,也呼应了爱不会让你轻易“坐享” ,努力寻觅得来的才是幸福。以“门”作为表达主题的主要元素,主理人希望通过具象的方式来传达LIEBEN的理念,让顾客获得独特的情感体验。

The name of this store is inspired by Rammstein’s “WAS ICH LIEBE”. In the process of finding the “door”, love like everything else of value is not be obtained easily, and must be issued from our efforts. LIEBEN uses “door” as the main element to express the theme. The principal has desire to convey the concept of Lieben in a concrete way, bringing customers a unique emotional experience.

▼酒吧入口大门,entrance door ©Yuuuunstudio


Secret Base


Entering Lieben is like stepping into a “secret base”. The rusty iron splicing and the concrete wall in the door form a corridor, and a row of keys on the wall extends to the lobby.

▼入口走廊,entrance corridor ©Yuuuunstudio

▼由走廊看室内,viewing the interior from the corridor ©Yuuuunstudio


The other side leading to the lobby is the walking space of the service staff. The wall made of rust iron plate becomes the dividing surface between the guest and the service staff. The two sides can be seen through the gap in the wall to avoid collision.

▼锈铁拼接与混凝土相平衡的墙面,The rusty iron splicing and the concrete wall ©Yuuuunstudio

▼墙面的一排钥匙延伸至大厅,a row of keys on the wall extends to the lobby ©Yuuuunstudio


The streamline spatial continuity design gives people a sudden sense of openness. Stepping in lobby, you can see the deconstructed door frame interspersed on the ceiling. The bar counter applies suspended wooden beams to reflect the exquisite blend of minimalism and industrial style.

▼大厅,lobby ©Yuuuunstudio

▼解构的门框穿插于天花板之上,the deconstructed door frame interspersed on the ceiling ©Yuuuunstudio


Under the bar counter is the decorative finish of eight spliced concrete doors. People can feel the elements of the doors on every detail. The doors here were scoured from the flea market, and then painted with the cement.

▼吧台下面则是混凝土制的8扇拼接门的装饰面,Under the bar counter is the decorative finish of eight spliced concrete doors ©Yuuuunstudio

▼门的元素无处不在,People can feel the elements of the doors on every detail ©Yuuuunstudio


The long booth on the right-hand side combines a fire-burning wood board and black leather. The wall lamp in the center of the wall is cat’s eyes. The rusty mirrors on both sides of the booth reshape the soft light and extend the space. Above the booth on the left-hand side, a huge, deconstructed door frame is served as the light source. The wall is made of seven deconstructed concrete doors. Besides, there is an enlarged hinge, a kind of door hardware, as a decoration.

▼墙上中心位置的壁灯正是门外的猫眼所在之处,The wall lamp in the center of the wall is cat’s eyes ©Yuuuunstudio

▼右手边的长卡座运用火烧木板与黑色皮革相搭配,The long booth on the right-hand side combines a fire-burning wood board and black leather ©Yuuuunstudio

ALL DESIGN STUDIO 介绍道:“我们整个设计看到很粗旷的材质与干净利落的线条,这体现着极简主义与德式工业风;室内橘色的灯光和舒适的皮制座椅,表达粗旷和力量的同时,体现细腻工艺与柔美灯光。”

“We see the whole design is filled with rugged materials and clean lines, it embodies minimalism and German industrial style. The orange interior lighting and comfortable leather seats, while expressing broad and powerful feeling, it also reflects the delicate craftsmanship and soft lighting”, ALL DESIGN STUDIO said.

▼粗旷的材质与干净利落的线条,the whole design is filled with rugged materials and clean lines ©Yuuuunstudio

▼极简主义与德式工业风,minimalism and German industrial style ©Yuuuunstudio


Energy Space

ALL DESIGN STUDIO以与空间完美契合的灯光设计,营造LIEBEN在不同运营场景下的空间氛围。整个室内光线都是利落的线条,解构的门与放大的古董钥匙,在空中穿插形成重叠的第一层光线。

Linking with the perfect space lighting design, ALL DESIGN STUDIO sets differing moods in various scenarios at LIEBEN. The whole spatial light is neat and delicate, while the deconstructed door and the enlarged antique key interspersed in the air to form an overlapping first layer of light.

▼灯光氛围,The light atmosphere ©Yuuuunstudio

▼灯具细部,details of lamps ©Yuuuunstudio


The indirect light source under the deck and the bar is the second layer of light, reflecting the mystery of the bar. The light source on the third layer is a wall lamp and a lamp made of door hinge hardware. The last layer is the hidden stage light on the ceiling, which will play the rhythm when the music is on, showing restrained charm but full of tension.

▼酒吧logo与墙面细部,detail of the logo and walls ©Yuuuunstudio

▼材料细部,detail of materials ©Yuuuunstudio




Through the interior, the terrace area of Lieben allows people to return again. The terrace of the pendulum space is combined with the rusty iron cladding and cement, which echoes the interior. Extending to the terrace, there are mottled leaves of parasol trees on Julu Road, bringing a natural vitality to the facade.

▼室外露台区域,the terrace area of Lieben ©Yuuuunstudio


In the public outdoor corridor, there is a star-shaped art installation called “Spotlight”, which is inspired by the Venus at dawn, which means “Dawning” to embrace new vitality and hope.

▼公共户外走廊,the public outdoor corridor ©Yuuuunstudio

▼星形艺术装置《聚光》,star-shaped art installation called “Spotlight” ©Yuuuunstudio

从“门”的元素出发,ALL DESIGN STUDIO对门与空间的关系进行解析,探讨“门”对室内空间的意义和“门”对人的深层意义,将元素拆解、重组、放大后融入空间中,让空间既有直接的表达又有抽象的解构。探索——沉浸——回归,LIEBEN为都市人呈现了一段多元的旅程。我们需要一扇逃离的“门”,也有一扇不断追寻的“门”。

Starting from the element of “door”, ALL DESIGN STUDIO analyzed the relationship between door and space, discussed the meaning of “door” to indoor space and the deeper meaning to people. They disassembled, reorganized, and enlarged the elements and integrated them into the space, so that the space has both direct expression and abstract deconstruction. Explore — immerse — return, Lieben presents a diverse journey for urbanites. We need a “door” to escape and a “door” that we are constantly looking for.

▼平面图,plan ©All Design Studio

设计单位:All Design Studio(
监理:Overeem Hou / Olivia Yao
设计主创:梁春亮Gnial Liang
效果图:Visual Wang Studio
摄影师:  Yuuuunstudio   

Project Name: Lieben Bar
Design Firm: All Design Studio (
Social Media: alldesignstudio (Instagram)
Supervisor: Overeem Hou / Olivia Yao
Completion Time: 2021
Area: 160 square meters
Project Location: 2nd Floor, Building 1, No. 758 Julu Rolad, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Design Director: Gnial Liang
Rendering: Visual Wang Studio
Photographer: Yuuuunstudio

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