”Red Box” Office, China by YUNGU DESIGN

Light creates time, gravity creates space

Project Specs


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“到最后,设计成了生活的一部分,它发生出不可度量的气质,焕发出活生生的精神。” —— 路易斯.康

“In the end, design becomes a part of life, it produces immeasurable temperament and radiates the living spirit. ” — Louis Isadore Kahn

▼空间概览,preview © 川河映像


When space is not only space itself, the content it carries has more meaning. Cloud Valley Office is the designer with small partners to create a “casual” work space, to break the original office stereotypes.

▼入口,the entrance © 川河映像

▼室内一瞥,a glance to the internal space © 川河映像


The doorway lifts the floor 15 cm into the shape of a box, and the combination of glass forms a small skylight. Similar to the rammed earth color of the art paint is the final repeatedly selected final colors, in the specific visual impact at the same time the unexpected also let people feel calm.

▼红色盒子,the red box © 川河映像

▼建筑结构与人的良好互动,the interaction between architecture and human © 川河映像


The interior spaces are bathed in quiet and warm sunlight, allowing the designers and clients to enter in a bright and comfortable atmosphere. a peaceful and cozy interior atmosphere and  offers a shared  space of  relaxation in the busy city life.

▼工作空间,the working space © 川河映像

▼工作空间角落,the corners of the working space © 川河映像

▼从工作空间望向休闲区,the lounge from the working space © 川河映像

▼明亮而舒适的氛围,the bright and welcoming atmosphere © 川河映像

▼休闲区角落,the corners of the lounge © 川河映像

▼阳台休闲区,the balcony lounge © 川河映像


The bookshelf is designed to look like it is suspended from the ceiling, with minimal stainless steel lines running from top to bottom.

▼书架细节,the details of the bookshelves © 川河映像


The faery pillars growing from the tabletop are also a special detail idea. If light creates time and gravity creates space, the atmosphere of the “red box” is like light music flowing naturally, with the smell of incense and fresh coffee.

▼平面图,plan © 云谷空间设计

项目名称:“红盒子”办公室 / 杭州
项目设计 & 完成年份:2021/3 – 2021/8
主创及设计团队:吴飞 / 云逸

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