Hillside Restaurant, China by Geemo Design

“disorder” and “order”

Project Specs


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神看这样是好的。有晚上,有早晨;这是第三日。 ———-《创世纪》,1,11-13。

Then God said,let the land produce vegetation:seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it,according their various kinds.And God saw that it was good.And there was morning,and there was evening—the third day – ——–<Genesis>,1,11-13

▼餐厅空间概览,interior view of the restaurant


The narrative of space design unfolds accordingly.Because the internal structure of the project space is limited by the structure of building heating and ventilation, the use space is relatively dispersed. Considering the complete presentation of the entrance display, the dual-bar model is adopted in the functional layout. On the one hand, it breaks through the limitation of space and increases the permeability. On the other hand, it takes the bar as the core to set up two different layout patterns of the side bar and the side card seat to enrich the dining experience.

▼入口大理石吧台,marble bar table

▼前厅双吧台,front room bars

▼侧向卡座,side card seat


God is determined to create our world today, so God brings order in chaos. The black square hole extending upward from ceiling shows the existence of “invisible” and “emptiness”, among which the irregular decorative lamps and lanterns intersect to form a “disorderly” state. Light beads of different sizes are like fruits of wisdom. They are gifts from God to the world and point to light in chaos.

▼大厅,dining hall

▼马赛克地面大面积序列铺展,geometric mosaic large-scale sequence spread



With the change of vision from looking up to looking straight, the whole spatial form has changed. Orderly shape wall around the bar, geometric mosaic large-scale sequence spread, and soft furnishings together to form a “tangible”, “enriched”, “order” space state, and smallpox contrast, “disorder” and “order” to form a new echo relationship, so that the spatial level is richer.


▼墙面造型,wall finishes



▼平面图,floor plan

项目面积:150 平方米

Project name: Hillside Restaurant
Design firm: Geemo Design
Designer team: Kirin Shi, Eleven Yi, Sijing Yu
Project location: REN’AN N+, Chongqing, China
Completion time: 2019.05
Area: 150 sqm
Photograph: Pian Fang

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