Gelato Dal Cuore by hcreates

Traditional Italian elements are integrated into the storefront design

Project Specs


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达可芮冰淇淋是静安区兴新的便捷餐厅的新秀。谈及意式冰淇淋,Gelato Dal Cuore深知他们的宗旨:Gelato Dal Cuore意为从心出发。他们对食物高品质的追求体现于采用进口的新鲜食材,纯手工制作传统意式风味的冰淇淋,并根据当地人的口味研发当季新品。为了和高品质的产品相契合,达可芮希望他们的门店设计可以保留一些能够体现经典意式冰淇淋传承的传统元素,同时还希望结合一些现代的设计元素和特色,使门店设计与达可芮冰淇淋橘色的品牌标识相得益彰。最后呈现出的设计作品体现了精致现代与经典传统的完美平衡,这种平衡又将所有设计元素的乐趣与玩趣联系在一起。上海的盛夏,达可芮冰淇淋又将是一番门庭若市的景象。

Gelato Dal Cuore is the latest addition to Jing’An eateries resurgence. When it comes to Gelato these guys really know what they are doing. Gelato Dal Cuore, roughly translates to Gelato from the heart. Their passion for high quality shows through with the use of fresh imported ingredients to producing handmade traditional Gelato flavours and inventing loads of seasonal flavours with a local twist. To compliment the high-quality product, Gelato Dal Cuore wanted the design to follow some traditional elements that spoke to the heritage of classic Italian Gelato, mixed with modern elements and accents to complete their orange brand colours. The result is a cool balance of refined and classic which ties together the fun and playfulness of the ingredients. This shop is sure to have lines long into the Shanghai summer.

▼店铺入口外观,the exterior of the entrance


关于罕创|ABOUT hcreates:

罕创是一家成立于上海的室内设计和咨询事务所,其设计项目基于中国并逐步迈向亚洲。罕创与志同道合的客户合作,所设计的空间旨在提升个人的生活活动环境,并激发灵感。在上海,罕创因现代餐厅酒吧设计而为人所熟知,罕创将继续在办公空间及健康健身等设计领域带来更好的设计作品。我们的设计理念来自于新西兰几维鸟的特质:独创性,创新性和实践性。设计应该简洁,聪明和有趣。为人们创造出工作,就餐和娱乐的互动空间。罕创作为中国最具影响力的100位设计师,荣誉入围2017 AD 100。同时,罕创的设计作品-诊所还赢得了2017 AD 100 最受欢迎的商业空间室内设计大奖。

Hcreates is an interior design and consulting studio based in Shanghai, designing projects across China and increasingly across Asia.  hcreates works with like-minded clients to achieve spaces that are designed to enhance one’s environment, and leave people feeling stimulated and inspired. Well known in Shanghai for creating contemporary restaurants and bars, hcreates continues to develop a significant portfolio of office and health and wellness spaces too.Our design philosophy comes from an ingrained sense of Kiwi ingenuity, innovation and practicality. Design should be simple, clever and fun, creating spaces for people to collaborate and connect as they work, eat and play.hcreates was honoured to be included in the AD100 for 2017 which recognises the 100 most influential designers in China. Furthermore, The Clinic won the 2017 AD100 Most Popular Commercial Interior Award.

▼冰淇淋店内收银台与展列柜,checkout counter and showcase in the Gelato Dal Cuore

▼极具特色的菜单墙,distinctive the wall of menu

▼店内一侧的木质桌椅,wooden table and chair on the inside side of the store

▼与红色砖墙相搭配的高桌椅,high table and chair with red brick wall

▼利用意大利传统元素打造的砖墙,brick wall made with traditional Italian elements

▼特别设计的灯箱,specially designed light box


关于设计师|About the designer:

Hannah Churchill – 创罕设计事务所创始人/设计总监。Hannah Churchill是一位对所有具有创造性的事物都充满热情的室内设计师。她虽成长于新西兰南岛的莫斯格尔小镇,却时刻怀有一颗想要看世界的心。在惠灵顿维多利亚大学取得建筑学士之后,Hannah就职于新西兰顶级的建筑公司。之后她便旅居上海,为了开阔眼界,充实阅历。现在,无论Hannah旅行至何处,不同的文化和团体都扩充并影响启发着她的设计想法。

Hannah Churchill – Owner / Design Director.Hannah is an interior designer with a passion for all things creative. She grew up in the town of Mosgiel in the South Island of New Zealand but always wanted to see the world. After completing a Bachelor of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, Hannah went on to work at one of New Zealand’s top architecture firms. She then moved to Shanghai to broaden her horizons and now wherever she travels, different cultures and communities expand and influence her design ideas.

▼平面图,the plan

摄影师:Brian Chua
联系人:Hadleigh Churchill
设计师及所属设计公司:Hannah Churchill | 罕创设计事务所
达可芮冰淇淋由Hannah Churchill主持设计| 罕创设计事务所,上海,中国

Name of the project: Gelato Dal Cuore
Location of the project (city/country at places): 600 Shaanxi Bei Lu, Shanghai,China
Name and website of photographer: Brian Chua
Name of contact person: Hadleigh Churchill
Email of contact person:
Name of designer or designer office: Hannah Churchill | hcreates
Link of designer or designer office website:
Designer or designer office based in (country): Shanghai, China

More: hcreates 。更多关于他们:hcreates on gooood. 

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