Housing for elderly people in Huningue by Dominique Coulon & associés

A comfortable home for the elderly on the riverside.

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Dominique Coulon Architecte for providing the following description:


This housing for elderly people is located on the banks of the Rhine. The exceptional situation of the site allowed us to turn the common areas and the hall towards the river: the residents can enjoy the choreography of passing boats. The programme consists of twenty-five fifty-square-meter homes, a restaurant in three sections, a computer room, a hobby workshop, a vegetable garden and a petanque field.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building

▼建筑位于Rhine河畔,可以享受优美河景,the site is at the bank of Rhine River, providing scenery to the project


Outside, the building is enveloped in brick on all sides. We selected a craft brick that is non-standard, irregular and  occasionally misshapen. The walls catch the light; by emphasizing its rustic port setting, the building connects itself to the history of the Rhine.

▼建筑立面使用手工砖块,产生一种粗朴的韵味,facade made of craft bricks with rustic port setting

▼交通及景观功能示意图,diagram of circulation and landscape


Everything is organised to foster relations among the residents. Collective living spaces are as generous as possible, with abundant natural light. We have designed places that encourage exchanges and social interaction. Encounter-inviting events and sequences punctuate the routes.


▼宽敞明亮的大厅,红色的混凝土和陶土给人以温馨亲切的感觉,wide and bright hall with red concrete and terracotta creating a benevolent atmosphere

▼白色盒子中的露台将阳光引入公共空间,促进住户交流,terrace in the white box upstairs brings in sufficient natural light, encouraging communication among residents


The staircase stands at the centre of the building, rendering it unavoidable. In combination with the wide central space, it invites mobility. Upstairs, the patio brings light from the south into the heart of the building. The white volume inside seems suspended; it deconstructs the empty space and lends a certain strangeness to the whole.

▼与大厅相连的楼梯加强空间的流动性,staircase connected to the hall enhances the mobility of the space

▼二层走道,木制楼梯和过道搭配红色混凝土给人以亲切的感觉,corridor on the second floor, wooden stairs and flooring with red concrete provide a warm feeling

▼二层公共空间,不同的活动区域促进人与人之间的交流,collective spaces on the second floor, giving opportunities to participate in social events

▼一侧为落地窗的明亮走道,corridor with large windows on one side


Red concrete, terracotta and wood produce a benevolent atmosphere.

▼房间室内,简洁明亮,功能齐全,simple and bright rooms with complete functions

▼夜景,night view


▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan



▼标准间轴测图,axonometric of the typic room


Client : Ville de Huningue
Architect :Dominique Coulon & associés / Dominique Coulon, Olivier Nicollas, Gautier Duthoit
Architects assistants : Javier Gigosos-Ruipérez, Diego Bastos-Romero
Competition : Gautier Duthoit
Construction site supervision : Olivier Poulat

Program : 22 assisted housing (20 x T1bis et 2 x T2), lounge room, winter garden, catering, multimedia room, hall, activity room, craft workshop, parking.24 résidents
Address : 41 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 68330 Huningue / Google maps location : 47.588383, 7.585551
Surface : 3932 sqm
Budget : 4 000 000 €

Competition : February 2013
Plans and technical phases : from january 2014 to october 2015
Construction : From march 2016 to december 2017

Engineers and consultants :
Structural Engineer : Batiserf Ingénierie
Mechanical Plumbing Engineer : Artelia
Cost Estimator  : E3 économie
HQE specialist : Artelia
Fire safety system : Artelia
Acoustics : Euro sound project
Landscape : Bruno Kubler

Construction companies : Earthworks road works (GIAMBERINI & GUY), structure(MADER), Concrete structure (TECHNOCHAPE), Water proofing (GALOPIN), Exterior aluminium joinery (LA SOLUTION ALU), Metal works (ROMAN),Exterior isolation and facade (SCHERBERICH), Scaffolding (FREGONESE),Plastering(SOMEGYPS),Interior wood joinery – furniture (MEYER), Wood floors (SINGER), Tiled floors (BURGER), Glued floors (ALSASOL),Painting (LES PEINTURES REUNIES), Cleaning (REGIO NETTOYAGE), Elevator (SCHINDLER),Green areas – fences (IDE VERDE), Heating – Ventilation – Solar production (LIEBERMANN), Plombing – Drainage (PAUL HERRBACH), Electricity (HUBER ELECTRICITE), Wood stove (LIEBERMANN), Kitchen (CF CUISINE)

Photography : Eugeni Pons

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