Folly by Cohesion Studio

Building as a medium to add spice to the surrounding environment

Project Specs

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▼沙漠中的小屋和太阳能树,the building and an energy producing solar tree in the desert

Folly is a peculiar prototype built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to its surroundings through an architectural medium. It derives from a need to expand my thesis position on architecture; which explores Cohesion as the integration of contextual and pragmatic relevancy within different environments. Folly addressed these multi-layered issues through its components and the method of adaptive reuse and its adherence to contextual, environmental, and social paradigms. Upon arrival, Folly sets the tone to disconnect from the norm, the expected, and provokes you to connect with the surroundings. I perceived it as a design paradigm, a small space with a big experience, modern and innovative while grounded within its environment.

▼与周围环境融为一体的小屋,folly that blends in the surroundings

▼金属锈板作为小屋的建筑外层,metal rust board as the outer layer of the building


A stargazing bedroom with no ceiling, showers with exposed and expansive views and an energy producing solar tree is the exploitation of nature through a respectful approach. Utilizing today’s Technology allows the guests to monitor energy consumption and solar production, controlled secured entry, lighting settings, solar powered skylights and set cooling and heating temperatures to the space. This interactivity, establishes a reference to what off-grid living is like through automated creature comforts that ‘break the ice’ to an off-grid lifestyle without compromising the surrounding environment or guest expectations.

▼拥有广阔视野的淋浴室,showers with exposed and expansive views

▼嵌入地面的淋浴盆,the shower tray embedded in the ground

▼位于一层的起居空间,living space on the first floor

▼室内空间一览,the interior of the building

▼卧室空间,the bedroom

▼没有天花板的观星卧室,a stargazing bedroom with no ceiling

Folly仅仅是设计者开创的一个原型,他们目前还在纽约和南加州建造“Folly农场”和“Folly沙漠”项目。 这些目的地可以为居住者提供多元的生活体验。利用建筑作为媒介,设计师为人们打造了逃离日常生活的乐园,或是让居住者体验与探险家一样的野外生活场地,又或者只是一个用来独自放松的空间。

Folly is a prototype that is currently expanding into Folly Farm In New York and Folly Mojave in Southern California. Both off-grid destinations will allow for inclusive experiences such as work retreats, social groups, or intimate events. Utilizing architecture as a medium, this collection of work will provide moments of disconnect in which guests can experience a creative escape to engage with fellow explorers or simply relax with alone time.

▼星空下的沙漠小屋,the desert hut under the stars

▼夜晚的露天浴室,exposed bathroom at night

More: Cohesion Studio。更多关于他们:Cohesion Studio on gooood. 

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