A simple Lane House, Taiwan by metrics architecture studio

Bright interior space on a narrow and long site

Project Specs


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▼改造后明亮的餐厅,the bright dining room after renovation

▼餐厅细部,details of the dining room

▼餐厅通向阳台,the dining room leads to the balcony

▼阳台空间,屋顶使用透明材料,使阳光可以照进空间内部,the balcony space, using the transparent materials on the top to introduce the sunlight into the interior space

This is a renovation project of an old lane house located at the old neighborhood in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The narrow but long site building is a common typology in Taiwan(Qi LO), this kind of typology often results in narrow spatial experience and lack of natural sunlight. The building which is often cut by the stairs and rooms have no connections between each other.

Our design goal is clear, creating mixture of natural sunlight and artificial lightning to have a cozy ambience via the engagement of using natural material ,mirrors and angles of ceilings for re-directing the light.

Opening up unnecessary division walls of the common area and lightning up the stairs turning the original back of the house to a vivid fluid space which creates the family have more interaction at the common spaces.

▼明亮的起居室,通过使用镜面和调整天花板角度重新引导光线,the bright living room, using mirrors and different angles of the ceiling to re-direct sunlight

▼卧室一角,a corner of the bedroom

▼室内楼梯,调整天花板的角度,使用镜面,组织光环境,interior stairs, adjusting the angles of ceilings and using mirrors to re-organize the light environment

▼概念草图,concept sketches

▼室内空间渲染图,interior renderings

▼住宅平面图,floor plan


Project name: A simple Lane House
Design: metrics architecture studio
Contact e-mail: metricsworks@qq.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2018
Leader designer & Team: Pey Lung
Project location: Hsinchu,Taiwan
Gross Built Area (square meters): 420 sum
Photo credits: Zhao Yu-Chen
Partners: Javier Fernandez, Eason Su
Clients: Mr. Lee

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