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非常感谢 Simon Freund 予gooood分享以下内容。Appreciations towards Simon Freund for providing the following description:

“自拍”(Selbstportrait)是德国艺术家Simon Freund的最新个人艺术展的题目。展览中共展示了200张肖像照片。其中100张照片分别展示了100个人,他们穿着Freund的一套黑色衣服;相反,在另外100张照片中,Freund穿上了他们所有人的衣服。

“Selbstportrait” is the first solo exhibition at the Stu in Munich by German artist Simon Freund. The photo series consists of 200 portraits. One hundred of them show 100 different people, all wearing Freund’s unique uniform; the other hundred show Freund wearing the clothing of 100 different people.

▼“自拍”(Selbstportrait)共展示了100组肖像照片,“Selbstportrait”  portrays 100 groups of portraits

▼展览现场,exhibition venue

当衣服成为我们被辨识的依据时,我们内在的个性又该如何来定义?Simon Freund向我们提出了一个关于“个性”的问题。当我们希望显得“个性”,或者希望通过某类服装来彰显自我的时候,我们到底在追求什么?是性格上的魅力,还是穿着上的特别?是不是我们身上的衣服已经足以塑造一个人格,从而不再需要实际的“自我”?

When the clothes we wear become the identifying feature of ourselves, what really identifies our personality? Freund raises the question about the individual. The work questions our desire for individuality as well as the urge to belong to something or to make a statement by wearing certain clothes. What do we actually needed to to be ourselves? Is it our charisma and our personality or is it the clothing we wear. Is the power of our clothes strong enough to create a self-portrait where the presence of our self is no more needed?

▼穿着Simon Freund衣服的人(左边),和穿着他们的衣服的Simon Freund(右边)
people who wear Simon Freund’s signature uniform (left) and Simon Freund wearing their clothes (right)

“你无法用衣服来堆砌一种个性,它只到脖子就结束了。”——Helmut Lang

“You can not put together a personality with clothes. It only reaches up to the neck. And then it ends.”- Helmut Lang

▼Selbstportrait系列的200张肖像照,200 portraits of the Selbstportrait series

▼Simon Freund的衣服,Simon Freund’s uniform

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