What Will Be The Future Of Gas Stations? by Sammi Shang

A record of gas stations aesthetic features

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“到2040年,电动车将占据新车销售量的35%。”(数据来源:Data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Mark Lines)随着电动车数量的上升,城市中汽油的需求量也会随之下降。在此情况下,传统加油站的未来又是什么?充电站?社区公园?新的建筑? 无论是哪种结果,加油站终将成为历史。由于美国南加州是一个非常依赖机动车的地区,摄影师决定去做一个南加州加油站的摄影系列, 以此纪录这个属于加油站的汽车时代。

“By 2040, electric vehicles would account for 35% of all new vehicle sales. ” (Source: Data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Mark Lines) As the number of electric vehicles is increasing, less gas is in need. But, what will be the future of these traditional gas stations? An electric charging station? A community park? A new building? No matter what will happen, gas stations will be the history. Therefore, the photographer decided to take a series of photos called “WHAT WILL BE THE FUTURE OF GAS STATIONS” for the gas stations in Southern California (an area highly relies on vehicles) to keep this era in our minds.

▼加油站摄影海报,poster of the gas station photo series

另一方面,摄影师(同时也是一名景观设计师)希望通过这些照片,引发更多关于加油站未来形式与功能的思考(尤其是来自城市规划者、建筑师、景观建筑师、艺术家以及机动车制造商的思考)。这些零落在城市中的加油站空间将会被改变成未来城市的一部分。不同于其他的城市基础设施,加油站集合了建筑设计,平面设计和工业设计的特性。为了吸引顾客,不同品牌的加油站往往有自己独特的、具有品牌辨识度的商标设计、加油机设计以及顶篷结构设计。 然而,加油站的这一美学方面的特性并没有引起太多的关注。该摄影系列希望通过一个设计师的视角去探索加油站在设计和审美方面的价值。

On the other hand, this photographer (as well as a landscape designer) wants to use these photos to make people (especially urban planners, architects, landscape architects, vehicle manufacturers and artists) think about the future forms and functions of the space occupied by gas stations. The scattered space will be transformed or upgraded as part of the future urban space. Different from other types of infrastructure, gas station is an integration of architecture design, graphic design and industrial design. In order to attract drivers, different brands always have their own characteristic and iconic design of banners, logo, fuel dispensers as well as canopy structures. However, this aesthetic feature of gas stations is sometimes ignored by most of the people. This photo series is also aimed at exploring the beauty of the gas station space from the view of a designer.


拍摄加油站地图|map of the gas station


1号加油站|no.1 gas station


2号加油站|no.2 gas station


3号加油站|no.3 gas station


4号加油站|no.4 gas station


5号加油站|no.5 gas station


6号加油站|no.6 gas station


7号加油站|no.7 gas station


8号加油站|no.8 gas station


9号加油站|no.9 gas station


10号加油站|no.10 gas station


11号加油站|no.11 gas station

项目名称:What Will Be The Future Of Gas Stations?
项目设计 & 完成年份:2017年12月至2018年12月
主创及设计团队:商正仪 Sammi Shang
摄影版权:Sammi Shang


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