TANKO One Way Space and the 13th Bistro by BUZZ Architects

Growing gradually alongside the development of cities



Sauna World in Třeboň by Plus One Architects

A natural spa center with tranquility and relaxation

Shine-V Workspace by Shine-V Interior Design

Structured Narrative

Black and White Residence by Studio DOTCOF

Soft and quite home

Qionglai Qiushan Yue Rural Culture Village by Sichuan Ledao Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Returning to the Source in the Fields, Unfolding New Layers in the Countryside

Energy Garden by HID

The source of a city’s strength

Lululemon Flagship Store Shanghai by AIM Architecture

Where Movement, Design, and Community Converge

Casa Paakal by Workshop, Diseño y Construcción

Respect the history, nature and context of the site

A powerful A.I. image generator for designers to produce creative works

(Only in Chinese) With a detailed demonstration of usage and training techniques

Shanghai Jiading Powerlong Center by UDG About Studio

The Headquarters Office Park as Mountain Shaped and Water Flow


Office for efficient movements

120GAR Interior renovation by BAMMP Arquitectes+Vallribera Arquitectes

large and well-lit family of four

Gui Yu Shan Fang Landscape by July Design Group

Explore urban modern landscape courtyards


Exquisite, fashionable and warm new fitness venue

Tea Rhyme Station by The Research Institute Of Historic Environment Conservation and Regeneration, South China University of Technology + Guangzhou Gelou Architectural Design Co., Ltd + Guangzhou Zhongji Architectural Design Co., Ltd + GODEN

Tea pavilion growing in situ

Concrete Pavilion–pumping station by LIN Architecture

Rituals in the field

Bat Trang Ceramic Community House by 1+1>2 Architects

To showcase artisans’ works, retell the history of the village