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Reverse from A-side, jump from B-side

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渣club 位于义乌,是由五个年轻人合伙开设的夜店。有意思的是,相比于夜店的主营空间,我们和这五个年轻人都认为如何吸引顾客体验进店乐趣其实是更值得探讨的问题,换句话说,我们把主要的设计精力放在了交通空间上,创造出一种持续空间体验。

The Z CLUB in Yiwu is a nightclub set up by five young people. Interestingly, compared to the main space of the nightclub, we and these five young guys think that how to attract customers to experience the fun of entering the store is actually a more worthy question. In other words, we turned our main design focus on the circulation space to create a continued experience for the customers.

interior view of the club with an oversized ceiling led screen ©小云 


The Z CLUB is positioned to explore the two sides of human nature. The usual gentleman can also show its wild side. We think that as customers enter to the space in different ways, we have the opportunity to demonstrate this change. It happened that the location of this small independent house was on the boundary of the park, and the front and back faces showed completely different atmosphere. And both directions can become the entrance to the flow of people.

the axon of the space with two distinct entrances at fhe front and back faces ©斗西设计


The A side of the building is the main entrance. A speakeasy suit shop is set up here, and a revolving door is installed behind the dressing room. Through entering, customers could have an inverting experience from “gentleman” to “dressed beast”.

▼A面设置了一个西装店,the suit shop is set up at A side ©小云 

▼西装店室内,interior view of the suit shop ©小云 


The B side of the building is an open-air parking lot with a sense of decadence. The façade of the building is dilapidated, and a lot of waste materials are discarded from time to time. We think this is a good opportunity to create contrast, so an ultra-modern lighting installation door suddenly appeared in the middle of the broken wall, creating a jumping experience of time and space.

▼B面入口,超现代的灯光装置门出现在残砖断壁上,the entrance at B side with an ultra-modern lighting installation door in the middle of the broken wall ©小云 

▼超现代灯光装置入口,the jump door with ultra-modern lighting installation ©小云 


▼剖面构造图,section details ©斗西设计

▼酒吧室内,interior view of the bar ©小云 

▼酒吧室内,中轴线上设有灯光装置,interior view of the bar with lighting installation at the middle ©小云 

▼酒吧的座椅空间,the seating area of the bar ©小云 

partial interior view of the bar with a lighting installation at one side ©小云 

▼灯光装置细节,details of the lighting installation ©小云 

The inside of the Z CLUB is not only equipped with an oversized ceiling led screen, the leading stage on the middle step, or the staircase behind the DJ stage has continued the entire space experience with lighting installations, echoing this complete role transition concept.

the staircase behind the DJ stage has continued the entire space experience with lighting installations ©小云 

▼楼梯间局部,partial view of the staircase ©小云 

项目名称:渣CLUB – A面反转 B面跳跃
项目设计 & 完成年份:2019

Project name: Z CLUB – reverse from A side, jump from B side
Design: daylab studio
Design year & Completion Year: 2019
Leader designer & Team: Yongpeng Liu, Mingeng
Project location: Liangzhu Park, Yiwu,Zhejiang
Gross Built Area (square meters): 230M2
Photo credits: Xiao Yun
Clients: Z CLUB

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