Yu’s Patisserie, China by Geemo Design

Creating a dialogue and interaction between the body and the dessert

Project Specs


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It will create a space for people and dessert in the established architectural framework, so as to let the body in the space form a dialogue and interaction with the dessert, which then can be connected to perception and life.

▼店铺外观,exterior view of the store ©偏方摄影


For the entrance, it is also the outward extension of the interior. With the intervention of the space light, it makes people have the perception and direction to the interior in the face of the deep and steady entrance, so as to guide them into the mysterious box filled with light.

▼外立面细节,facade details ©偏方摄影


▼轴测图,axon ©治木设计

As for the interior of the space, it is organized in a more active way. The bar is set in the central area of the space, which is surrounded by moving lines. In this way, the waiters can take care of the surrounding areas, which is convenient for taking care of the needs of the guests and also enhances the mobility of people in the space. When it comes to the opening of the bar counter facing inward, it is connected with the kitchen through the ladder step formed by raising the ground, so as to separate the public and working areas while maintaining the integrity of the space.

▼从入口看甜品店室内,viewing the patisserie from the entrance ©偏方摄影

▼吧台设置在中心区域,the bar is set in the central area of the space ©偏方摄影

▼吧台及其内开口处的厨房,the bar and the kitchen at the opening of the bar counter facing inward ©偏方摄影


Besides, the sunken bar ceiling and the bar form an L-shaped facade, which divides the space into two groups of passenger areas. As for one side, it uses the original wall to plan a more private functional area, so as to meet the needs of different customer groups.

▼下沉的吧台天棚与吧台将空间分成两组客座区,the sunken bar ceiling and the bar divide the space into two groups of passenger areas ©偏方摄影

▼顾客用餐区,the guest area ©偏方摄影

▼顾客用餐区及其墙面细节,guest area and its wall surface details ©偏方摄影


We don’t want the relationship between desserts and guests to be short-term and temporary in this space, which should be the long-term and participatory activities to some extent.

▼从入口看沙发区,viewing the sofa area from the entrance ©偏方摄影

▼沙发区近景,close view of the sofa area ©偏方摄影


As far as the tonality is concerned, we choose to abandon the sweet state of the dessert shop we have ever seen, since we will start from the perspective of men to combine the elegance of the dessert with an experimental attitude. As a result, it can create a space state of fortitude, fusion, softness, steadiness and slightly playfulness.

▼长桌区域,呈现出稳重略带俏皮的空间状态,the long table area presenting a state of steadiness and slightly playfulness ©偏方摄影


In terms of the gradual weakening of diffuse light through the wooden crossbar, it is to seek the extension of space, in which the arch on the other side has the same function in different forms. The arc formed is also the continuity of spheres and semicircles in other parts of space instead of just the imitation of form. As for the sequence of black metal strips, it is inserted in the lower opening of the arch, which echoes the wood brace, reflecting the continuity of space.

▼黑色金属条序列穿插在拱券下口,the sequence of black metal strips is inserted in the lower opening of the arch ©偏方摄影


▼黑色的过道空间,the corridor in the black ©偏方摄影

It will take black and gray as the main tone, which will also combine with ashy green and medieval green to run through it. Thus, it makes the space mood calm and restrained, leaving the dessert become the leading role in the space. In this way, space is presented in three-dimensional space in the form of plane, in which the block structure is arranged and combined in line with the visual effect.

▼空间细节,space details ©偏方摄影

▼产品设计,product design ©偏方摄影

▼平面图,floor plan ©治木设计 

项目名称:Yu’s Patisserie 余日法式甜品店
项目地址:重庆 金山意库
项目面积:190 平方米

Project name: Yu’s Patisserie
Design firm: Geemo Design
Designer team: Kirin Shi, Eleven Yi, Shuang Tang
Project location: Chongqing, China
Completion time: 2019.12
Area: 190 sqm
Photograph: Pian Fang

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