Wellem Pediatric, China by Jason Design Group

A mysterious planet created for children’s health care called Wellem

Project Specs


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Wellem is based in the United States, through years of international medical experience, Wellem brings the American private medical concept to China. In order to improve the medical environment, Jason Design Group also changes the traditional concept of “hospital”, so that Chinese children will not be afraid of medical projects, and at the same time, it better integrates the “prevention and health care concept of not excessive treatment” advocated by Wellem.

▼儿科医院夜景外观,night view of the pediatric


Design Concept


Function Partition: Reception, Children’s Entertainment Area, Frame Glasses Demonstration Area, Pediatric Clinic, Adult Beauty Clinic, Leisure Area




唯儿诺星球为宇宙里的神秘星球,这颗星球上生活着一群可爱的生物, 并且这颗星球在整个银河系里拥有最先进的医疗设备。随着外星人的到访越来越多,唯儿诺星球急需开发新的星球,来设定空间站,以备所需,所以康康(博士)带领团体开始了漫长的星际旅程 ….. ……

Wellem is a mysterious planet in the universe, there’s a group of lovely creatures living on the planet. This planet has the most advanced medical equipment. With more and more visitors, Wellem are in urgent need of the development of new planet, to set up space station, in case of need, Dr. Kangkang leads group to start a long interplanetary journey.

▼唯儿诺儿科以宇宙中的神秘星球为设计概念,design follows the concept of a mysterious planet in the universe


空间的主题|The Theme of Area


Ocean station (namely extends only son the theme of the planet, in our universe, there are a lot of space stations, and Wellem Jinqiao in ocean star space station, whole space is in white with the highlight of spacecraft cabin and the visual perception of the space station, the area mainly uses curve to highlight the ocean elements, in children’s play area. Device elements is given priority to with spacecraft and marine biological universe, also echo the theme.)

▼金桥店为唯儿诺在海洋星的空间站,整体空间色调为白色,突出宇宙飞船船舱与空间站的视觉感,Wellem Jinqiao is a space station on ocean star; the whole space is in white with the highlight of spacecraft cabin and the visual perception of the space station




The walls of the hall are presented in curves, using the elements of waves, echoing the theme of the ocean space station. The curves also avoid the sharp and tough lines, making the overall space softer. The reception desk is presented in curves to echo the overall space.

▼大厅与前台使用曲线元素,呼应海洋空间站主题,the walls of the hall and reception desk are presented in curves to echo the theme of the ocean space station


The entertainment area is the extension of ocean theme, it exaggerates and magnifies the kingdom of sea life in an abstract way, which can attract the attention of children, and allows children to ease the nervous mood for the waiting. At the same time, the public areas of marine life and interactive play devices can better fit the theme of the ocean space station.

▼儿童娱乐区延伸海洋的元素,用抽象化的手法夸张放大海洋生物王国,the entertainment area is the extension of ocean theme, it exaggerates and magnifies the kingdom of sea life in an abstract way


The metope color of the adult medical beauty area is different from that of the pediatric area. It is presented with morandi green, and the wall cloth is used to make the space softer and more feminine.The glass doors of the clinic in the corridor are all treated with atomized glass film, which not only guarantees privacy but also softenes the corridor space.


Project Name: Wellem Pediatric
Designer Group:Shanghai Jason Design Group
Project Address: Zhangyang Rd. Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
Area: 1440㎡
Completion Time: March 2019
Contact Email: lh@jasonchan.online

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