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▼空间内景,interior view

Life must be full of love and laughter, and enjoy the pleasure of the night. Baisheng garden is located in the most prosperous business district of dongguan city. It is located in a gathering place of high quality residential areas, with a strong commercial atmosphere and close to convenient transportation. The case for hundred sheng garden lobby lounge, in addition to providing basic functions such as reception, leisure and entertainment, is also expected to provide a modern best in together the joy of, the fun of life and art beauty of profound experience.

▼空间内景,interior view


Life and entertainment should be two sides, in the life of pleasure, in the life of pleasure. However, in the era of rapid development, life sped by, and modern people hurried to catch up, and it was difficult to slow down the enjoyment of life. Looking at the painting of The Times, with a delicate and sensitive heart, the designer tries to share the joy of the modern people in the leisure and entertainment. Therefore, the designer took the inspiration from the ancient custom “the beginning of the spring water”, which means that people gathered together in this case to share their lives, make the noise and get the joy.

▼空间内景,interior view


The designer should not forget to reflect the commonalities of the real environment, and carefully comb the lingnan culture embodied in the city, and observe its natural landform. Dragon dance is a characteristic culture of lingnan, which is also a traditional custom in the city. Dragon dance under the guidance of dragon, dragon, handheld with drum music accompaniment, through the change of movement and posture of the body after Jackie chan, wear, teng, jump, turn, roll, play, tie up performance such as action, fully demonstrate the essence of the dragon, gas, god, rhyme, represents the raccoon city people pursuit of the spirit of the festival happiness kernel. However, it nurtures the traditional culture of the city, nourishing the people of the city of the city, and the mountain water of the city. The green mountain, the light and flowing water, formed the natural paintings of the city, and witnessed the generation of the people of the city. The landscape of the city of the city of the city is not public, but quietly guards the world.

▼用空间设计映照现实环境,to reflect the commonalities of the real environment

▼空间细节,detail of the space


Whether it is the line of the people in the dragon dance, or the natural texture that the landscape presents, there is a kind of flowing beauty. The designer USES it in the construction of smallpox, and USES bamboo pieces to create the flow of flowing water, which has a static and dynamic trend. Frenzy as Chinese cursive script, with beautiful, this unconventional structure, not only bring entertainment flow between natural rhythm, deepen the high quality of the space, also make the line of sight to harvest unexpected surprises.

▼利用竹片打造流水纹理之状,using bamboo pieces to create the flow of flowing water


The lines of the whole space are as comfortable as flowing water, unified and simple and powerful. The space USES a variety of seat configurations to achieve the effect of the partition, has the table of different directions, the adjustment of the table body level and the variable seat make the partition more obvious. The setting of floor window introduces natural light, the dining area is more open and bright.

▼空间利用多样的座位配置来达到分区的效果,the space uses a variety of seat configurations to achieve the effect of the partition

▼圆桌区,the round table

▼沙发区,the sofa zone


In tonal choice, stylist USES white as the main tone of this case, shape elegant and leisurely and comfortable sense, build pure recreational recreational atmosphere. Use the gray spacious cloth art sofa to deepen the sense of leisure, the small round table promotes the close breath of the gathering, thus achieves the purpose of relaxing the spirit. The combination of irregular shape seat and the whole space reveals the taste of modern fashion.

▼以白色作为本案主色调,using white as the main tone of this case

▼不规则形状座椅与整个空间相结合,流露出现代时尚的味道,the combination of irregular shape seat and the whole space reveals the taste of modern fashion

▼采用灰色宽敞布艺沙发来深化休闲感,using the gray spacious cloth art sofa to deepen the sense of leisure


设计面积:350 ㎡
主持设计师: 何永明
参与设计师: 道胜设计团队
摄影师: 彭宇宪
设计时间: 2017.06.29
竣工时间: 2017.09.03

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