The Origin Villa, China by kooo architects

A new retreat rebuilt from six buildings in a rural “empty nest” village

Project Specs


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The Origin Villa was commissioned to dismantle six buildings in a rural “empty nest” village in Tonglu, and to rebuild as a new retreat village.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view


▼场地平面图,site plan

Scattered throughout the hidden village, it is obvious to us that the architecture should be in harmony with its surrounding. The existing villagers’ houses are built with beautiful rammed-earth walls made using local soil. However, if we just renovate using the same traditional method, it is inevitable that the view of the charming landscape outside will be blocked entirely and the interior space will feel compressed because of the heavy walls. Furthermore, if the new resort is solely constructed with country-style rammed-earth walls, it will just be a restoration project and may not be so attractive to many tourists. The task was to balance two seemingly contradicting conditions: to fully enjoy the abundant nature of the site (open) while harmonizing with the existing houses (enclosed walls).

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼建筑语言与周围村民家的景观相呼应,the architecture is in harmony with its surrounding

▼大厅与餐厅建筑立面,facade of the reception and restaurant building



▼立面细部,facade detailed view


The village nests within the mountain, and the houses were built following the contour line of the mountainous terrain pointing at different directions. Although the distance between each building is relatively close, there is still a good view for each one because they never face each other.

▼通往水景平台的山间路径,entry way to the water platform

▼平台休息区,seating area on the platform

▼从客房望向平台,view from the guest room

▼路径细部,entry way detailed view


▼No.34客房,No.34 Guest Room


We used different local materials, such as bamboo, red bricks, stone, and carbonized wood, to highlight each building’s unique site situation, also expressed in each one with a space of rest in nature (living room) and a more private space enclosed with rammed earth walls (bedroom). The coexistence of these two types of space is our solution to the two conflicting conditions.

▼No.10独栋别墅,No.10 Guest House

▼建筑各部分别使用了当地不同的材料,different local materials were used to highlight each building’s unique site situation

▼屋顶平台,roof terrace

▼客房内部,interior view

▼室内细部,detailed view


Due to the site being hidden so deep in the mountain, transportation of building materials had to be strategized. The Origin Villa used mostly locally produced, or even reused materials such as soil and stone. This way, not only does the overall retreat village disappear into the landscape, each building can also use its unique material to blur the line between interior and exterior.

▼客房No.07+09,No.07+09 Guest Room

▼整体建筑群融入农村景观,the overall retreat village disappears into the landscape

▼客房内部,interior view


▼夜景,night view

There is no light coming from this lonely village’s surrounding at night, so one can feel sufficient brightness even with a minimum amount of lighting. We kept the lights that can illuminate the entire space uniformly, such as downlights, to the minimum, and used all-directional soft umbrella-like lights such as free-standing lamps and table lights throughout the space. These fixtures project soft arches of light and shadow, illuminating the seamless finish and rounded edges of the walls and ceilings. Wrapped with the warmth of light, the rooms feel more calming and comfortable.

▼空间中尽可能地使用质地柔软的伞形照明,all-directional soft umbrella-like lights such as free-standing lamps and table lights are used throughout the space

▼砖墙与楼梯,brick wall and staircase


Blending into the landscape of the village, we hope to give a new perspective of the beautiful scenery through our architecture.

▼水池区域鸟瞰,aerial view to the pool area

▼休息室,lounge area

▼不同材料间的碰撞,the contrast among different materials

▼立面细部,facade detail

▼整体鸟瞰,aerial view

▼接待大厅/餐厅平面图,reception/restaurant plan


▼休息室/户外水池平面图,lounge/outdoor pool plan

▼No.07+09客房平面图,No.07+09 guest room plan

▼No.10客房平面图,No.10 guest room plan

▼No.34客房平面图,No.34 guest room plan

项目设计 & 完成年份:2017年3月-2019年5月
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