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Simplest and sufficient

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家的理想状态 | The ideal state of home


Everyone should have their own home in mind. For me, family space is necessarily an external projection of my inner spirit, which expresses my emotions, values and attitudes towards life.

▼室内概览,interior overview


最简与足够 | Simplest and sufficient


▼客厅,Living Room

In its simplest form – focus on the body’s most basic needs and feelings, keeping the excessive desire for material things out of the way. I want my home to present a certain amount of emptiness, beyond the most basic needs of life, that allows me to create a certain isolation from the outside world and sustains me to look inward. How do you define enough? The family is a whole, but each member is also an individual. To the size of domestic space, the direction that limits has two: independence and connection. Outside the most basic privacy space, no matter how the family space is divided, it must be open and flowing. Looking from one place to another in the public space, the vision is developed, smart, and even extended outside the house. Poplar leaves tremble in the wind, red maple color changes with the four seasons, the air flow is floating, the emotion is implicated, the heart of the world is satisfied.

▼二层回廊,the gallery on the second floor

▼从客厅望向洗漱区,view to the washing area from the living room

▼就餐区,dining area

▼主卧室,master bedroom

▼次卧室,second bedroom

▼洗漱区,washing area

▼洗漱区橱柜细部,cabinet detail


空间结构的改造 | Transformation of spatial structure


▼工作室设计草图,studio design sketch

Based on the fluidity of space, all open space is open. The whole wall was removed, and the Windows and doors connected with the terrace were expanded to the largest, and the wall connected with the empty layer of the living room was opened to become the entrance of the second floor, and the original stair bottom was closed with wood, the whole second floor became a big flat layer, which is the biggest change in the spatial structure.

▼二层工作室,studio on the second floor


▼从中庭望向一层客厅,view to the living room on the first floor

▼中庭细部,detailed view


The space is maximized and the structure is the simplest and most direct form. I need an architecture to generate stability and connection, similar to a force that can be relied on and a focus of sight. I choose the staircase leading to the second floor, which is still in a simple form of obtrusion and straightness. However, I choose the solid wood tenon joint, square wood inclined beam support, thick wood pedal, and t-shaped steel plate inlay support in the middle, so that it presents a feeling of dense, thick and structural beauty. The step of the second floor stairs extends an l-shaped passage, which further extends and releases the space.

▼实木楼梯,the solid wood staircase



At the same time, many Spaces are not deterministic, and can have varying functions depending on requirements and activities. Due to the original staircase displacement released from the living room is opposite the tatami room, by the now large frame stairs. This can be a tea room, a lounge, a reading room, a meditation room or a temporary guest room when sliding doors are pulled up on canvas frames.

▼从客厅望向多功能室,view to the multi-functional room from the living room

▼多功能室,multi-functional room

▼多功能室细部,multi-functional room detailed view


材质的自然状态 | The natural state of the material


To adornment material apply, market is oriented deviate from nature. I tried to use raw materials and simple artistry. Original pine, cement, terrazzo, diatom mud, linen, all handmade. There is a lot of uncertainty, during which a lot of changes have taken place, and the run-in with workers, modification, rework, and finally a lot of regret. Maybe that’s the point, leaving a lot of traces of making and time, feeling the temperature as it changes.

▼原始的材料和简单的人工手艺, raw materials and simple artistry


色调与灯光 | Tone and lighting


Making the most of the natural light. The circulation of air and natural light is a harmonious breath. Whole space tried taller lightness gray attune, and reduce the warm and cold contrast with whole tonal, the color of household also is very restrained, maintain gray series. Such space color itself does not have dominant specific emotion, but as outdoor light and light rain or shine changes.

▼客厅充满自然光线,living room filled with natural light


Keep the light warm and white, discard the main light source, hide light or place point light source for different needs only, diffuse reflection, which is the feeling that should be felt at night.

▼夜间灯光效果,lighting effect by night


总结——不被定义 | Summary – not defined


Space is finally complete, and when you want to express it, you will find that you have no way to define it, it does not present any kind of established pattern. But when you are in it, no matter where you are and what you do, it is appropriate and comfortable, and every object and scene shows the emotion through the participation of the activity, and the emotion changes with the activity. In this way, the home is the form expressed by the inner world and carries my needs. In turn, this form nourishes and strengthens me with concrete physical states and constantly clarifies my spirit. I hope that everyone can find their own home, complementary to each other and see each other.



▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan


项目设计 & 完成年份:2017-2019


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