TEA-TALES, China by Geemo Design

A folded space with a combination of tradition and modernity

Project Specs


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“Talk about heaven and earth, have a rest and drink tea” is the SLOGAN of TEA-TALES, and it is similar to the straightforward expression of the forthright personality of Chongqing people. Whether they are high-minded or low-class, a teahouse and a pot of good tea are rivers and lakes.

▼入口立面,entrance facade

▼门店外观,exterior view


Although drinking tea has traditional attributes, it is by no means an old thing, which is the consensus of our customers and us. The overly modern symbol intervention is also contrary to the temperament of TEA-TALES. Following the combination of tradition and modernity, we “fold” the space.



Close to the public platform area, from the consideration of privacy and lighting, we designed the back window booth, and the rectangular structure of the exterior facade combines the intersecting wooden frame and window frame, so that the facade form a strong vertical visual experience. The setting that up and down pushes a window lets indoor and outdoor maintain dialogue, also facilitate ventilated on the function.

▼外坐席区空间概览,Exterior seating area overview

▼座位细部,detailed view

▼透过玻璃望向外坐席区,view to the through the glazed wall


Stair serves as the constituent element of the building, in dimensional plan, we do not hope that it stay only on function,more want to let stair become the transition that connects above and below in the space more through modelling design. The folded staircase is like the winding trail of the mountain city. After folding, two areas are formed, one for collection and the other for clever placement of art installations and commodity displays. At the same time, it will be up and down two layers of space staggered folding together, the formation of space interest.

▼折叠的楼梯犹如山城步道的蜿蜒,the folded staircase is like the winding trail of the mountain city


The art installation “FLOW”, inspired by “tea” and mediated by “bamboo”, respects nature and inherits humanity.

▼装置“FLOW/流”,art installation “FLOW”


The structure column is used to design the wall shape, and the double moving line is formed to enhance the fluidity of the space. A sense of form combined with reality reduces the interference of other guests in the inner seating area.

▼内坐区空间概览,the inner seating area

▼空间细部,detailed view

▼楼梯视角,view from the stair

▼二层空间概览,second floor overview

▼二层休闲区,second floor seating area

▼室内细节,interior space details

▼一层平面图,floor plan level 1

▼二层平面图,floor plan level 2

项目名称:坐茶 TEA-TALS
项目面积:300 平方米
艺术装置:GR ART

Project name: TEA-TALES
Design firm: Geemo Design
Designer team: Kirin Shi, Eleven Yi, Sijing Yu
Project location: Chongqing, China
Completion time: 2019.09
Area: 300 sqm
Photograph: PIAN FANG
Construction team:ZAOSHI SPACE
Art installation: GR ART

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