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幼儿园是个人教育开始的基础,进行预备教育的场所空间,是小朋友的快乐天地,可以帮助孩子健康快乐地度过童年时光,不仅学到知识,而且可以从小接触集体生活。作为孩子学习的第一站,我们希望孩子在这不仅能够收获知识,更重要是埋下一颗梦想的种子,激发幻想。幼儿园位于台州市黄岩区耀达天玺,服务于周边小区的住户,建筑风貌服从于小区整体设计控制,这类的幼儿园在中国近10年的房地产高速发展中诞生。同是带来一个问题,普遍性都是满足功能性的建筑,无法激发孩子的幻想。建筑大师Ricardo Legorreta曾这样说:“现代建筑总是过分追求理性,这样会失去神秘感和好奇心带来的愉悦感受。”

The kindergarten is located in Yao Da Tian Xi, Huangyan District, Taizhou city. It serves the residents of the surrounding community. The architectural style is subject to the overall design control of the community. This kind of kindergarten has appeared in the rapid development of real estate in China in the past ten years. It also brings about a problem that there are full of functional buildings which fail to inspire the fantasy of children. “Modern buildings are always focused on rationality excessively, which can lose the pleasure brought by mystery and curiosity.” said by a master architect called Ricardo Legorreta once. Kindergartens are the basis for individual education. The space for preparatory education is the happy world for children. It is possible for children to spend their childhood in a healthy and happy way in this kind of space so that they can learn knowledge and touch the collective life from childhood. It is hoped by us that children can gain knowledge and even lay a foundation for dreams to inspire fantasy at the first stop of children’s learning.



建筑的暗示 | Building Implication



The original building is composed of a main building and an auxiliary building. It is similar with residential buildings in terms of color. It is hoped by us that the building itself can inspire the fantasy and freedom consciousness of children. The building fails to be adjusted greatly on the whole, so the emotional hint of the whole building is completed through the envisaged action of “plug-in”. The entity attribute is blurred by the new plug-in language through the dominant color so as to make children experience the building itself and prompt the location of kindergarten in the street at the same time.

▼首层户外连廊,Outdoor Corridor on the First Floor

▼室外平台鸟瞰,aerial view of the outdoor terrace

▼二层活动空间,Activity Space on the Second Floor


空间的氛围 | Atmosphere of Space


▼剖面透视图,section in perspective

The reorganization of internal space brings some new opportunities to us. We continue using the action of “plug-in” to complete the expression of space atmosphere. In our opinion, the most important thing is to stimulate the imagination of children and provide a free space for them in terms of children’s space. Fortunately, it is found by us that children like experiencing the happiness brought by space again and again. In order to achieve this goal, we also design a space only suitable for children instead of parents in each classroom. There is a trampoline area in the hall of the first floor, which becomes a space full of challenges and curiosity. In addition, a vertical house throughout the second floor and the third floor is inserted, so that children can jump around, run back and forth and play freely here.

▼首层入口,The Entry of the First Floor


▼用“插件”这个动作,来完成空间的氛围表达,using the action of “plug-in” to complete the expression of space atmosphere

▼游戏空间,Game Space


色彩与光的世界 | The World of Color and Light


Various contradictory factors between the building and the external environment are harmonized by color as a medium. We design an orange box to stimulate the imagination of the whole space belonging to the free space of children in the high hall of the first floor. Outside, we separate and liberate the form and material of the original building through color. Inside, we integrate it with the outside world through the simplest form and color.


▼只适合儿童的空间,a space only suitable for children

▼教室内部,classroom interior

▼在内部空间用极简的形式和色彩与外部融为一体,we integrate it with the outside world through the simplest form and color

▼剖面透视图,section in perspective

▼总平面图,master plan

▼一层平面图,1st plan

设计成员:黄满军 刘飞 汪娟 丁予然
软装设计: 赫婷婷 郭情情
建筑面积:5000 ㎡

Address: Yao Da Tian Xi, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Owner: Yaoda Group
Designer: MJ Architects
Designers: Huang Manjun, Liu Fei, Wang Juan and Ding Yuran
Soft Outfit Design: He Tingting and Guo Qingqing
Materials: Non combustible boards, paint, aluminum boards, PVC floors and blackboard paint
Building Area: Five thousand square meters
Design Cycle: December, 2018 to April, 2019
Construction Cycle: March, 2019 to September, 2019
Photographer: Chen Ming

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