Stage Apartment, Taiwan by Ahead Concept

Creating identity for every element through the color contrasts

Project Specs


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The furnishing work is to create a living space that harmonizes living fabric and dweller’s interest in performing art. Before the design started the design team made extensive research of opera house furnishing styles, and paintings depicting performances. The designer Yang confessed that he was impressed with an oil painting that inspired him. The work showed a nobleman standing in front of stage backdropped by a red screen; this painting provoked the designer’s deployment of color and its flamboyant style.

the living room of the apartment, with strong color contrast ©陳心鼎

▼客厅细节,space details of the living room ©陳心鼎


the living room uses terrazzo and wooden floors, and red copper ribs of the walls with non-perpendicular angles and polygonal shapes divide the living space ©陳心鼎

viewing the dining room from the living room ©陳心鼎

the dining room with mirror stainless steel ceiling ©陳心鼎

the bright dining rooom contrasts with the dark living room ©陳心鼎

the boundaries of the dining room, with non-perpendicular angles ©陳心鼎

With a vivid Western performance fashion we further inserted some local elements such as a terrazzo floor, and used extensively veneers dyed red. The spatial layout in this unique residence is different from that of a typical plan; the space is divided by skewed walls, some can be seen from one side to the other, and some are solid. The walls dividing the space have non-perpendicular angles and forms polygonal shapes. The material used on the floor follows the layout the precise border except at the portion in front of the kitchen that corrupts the geometrical order. The floor material includes terrazzo and wood in several parquet patterns. Red copper ribs supporting the wall provide a prominent impression; the weathering surface signifies the meaning of time in this residence, and hidden LED lighting system illuminates the wall in a theatrical mode. The dining room and kitchen faces the mountain view. This space is slightly different from the main living zone as light color dominates the interior and some blue elements were used. The ceiling has stainless panels and the reflective natural light further illuminates the space and stands vis-à-vis the dark living room. We created a space representing the internal desire of our client; and we truly believe that interior furnishing work needs to address the true personality of its user.

viewing the bedroom from the living room ©陳心鼎

the living room details and the bedroom entrance ©陳心鼎

▼卧室,the bedroom ©陳心鼎

▼平面图,plan ©開物設計

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更多关于他们:Ahead Concept on gooood


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