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Commercial landscape space is not just creating a pure shopping atmosphere,but will become an participatory, interactive, urban park that enhances happiness. The project is located in the core of the CBD of Taihu New City, Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is close to the main road and links to the subway entrance. The project is the first shopping center of China Resources in Suzhou and the 40th shopping center project completed in the country. The design is intended to create a theme landscape space that is compatible with each other, and integrates the iconic, thematic, the display, the fun, and the linkage into the commercial landscape space.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view

▼集标示性、主题性、展示性、趣味性、联动性于一体商业景观空间,integrates the iconic, thematic, the display, the fun, and the linkage into the commercial landscape space


▼总平面图,master plan

At the beginning of the project, starting from the commercial shopping place, a large area of multi-purpose parking space on the ground was reserved. With in-depth thinking about the environment and needs of the venue, the design hopes to give the venue more public space attributes, let it have a relationship with people, and more humanized design, so that more people can enter it and become a high The theme city business park with a sense of participation and experience.

▼高参与度和体验感的主题城市商业公园,city business park with a sense of participation and experience

▼现代、简洁、流畅的线条,modern, simple and smooth lines


▼“万象交汇”的概念,the concept of “Vientiane Intersection”

The project starts from the lines of the building and extracts the concept of “Vientiane Intersection”. It is inspired by the island and is based on the blue of the sea. It uses modern, simple and smooth lines to open up the space and create a vibrant and interesting children’s urban park. The large area of blue has become the focus of this business, reminiscent of the sea and the sky, just like immersed in the endless tranquil sea, comfortable and relaxed. The children’s theme park has an area of about 1200m2. The interactive device enhances the vividness of the scene and comes with the “net red” attribute, which becomes the memory point of the whole place.

▼大面积的蓝色尤如沉浸在无尽静谧的海水中,immersed in the endless tranquil sea

▼有活力、有趣味的儿童城市公园,a vibrant and interesting children’s urban park


▼互动装置动图,interactive devices gif

The site takes advantage of the height difference to create a fun micro-topography space, high and low, ups and downs, and rich spatial changes. Encourage children to explore and explore their imaginations. Set up interactive climbing grass slopes, fun seesaws, slides, interactive devices and other physical activities for children, so that children can explore, climb and other natural release. In the square, the roundabout on the island, the combination of blue and gray plastic floor mats create a dynamic, fun and creative space. Parents are encouraged to interact with them to spend a wonderful family time together.

▼营造趣味高低起伏的微地形空间,a fun micro-topography space, high and low, ups and downs

▼有益身心的儿童活动设施,physical activities for children


▼主入口广场鸟瞰,aerial view of the main entrance plaza

The main entrance plaza, facing the main interface of the city, is also an important crowded place for people. Combining spiritual fortress, artistic construction, and characteristic drop, creating a marked main entrance space, paving the design concept of “Vientiane Intersection”, using linear paving Guide the flow of people and gather at the main entrance of the mall. The paving lines follow the field of view in a vertical arrangement, and the dark and light colors are arranged in parallel, with a rhythmic aesthetic of time and space continuity. Use the most user-friendly design to create a children’s themed multi-funtioinal commercial project.

▼主入口广场,the main entrance plaza

▼线性铺装引导人流,linear paving guide the flow of people

▼城市家具,urban furniture

▼深浅色平行排列,具有时空连续性的韵律美感,the dark and light colors are arranged in parallel, with a rhythmic aesthetic of time and space continuity

▼平面图动图,plan gif

室内设计:WOODS BAGOT 伍兹贝格
设计团队:迈丘设计metrostudio 项目四组

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