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Eat Darling Eat是一间位于Fashion Walk的甜品实验室,在铜锣湾喧闹的街道上成为一道独特的风景线。充满想象力的室内设计与店内别具一格的甜品相互呼应。引人瞩目的色彩和材质在刺激客人视觉的同时,也如同是在礼赞着甜品制作的艺术。

▼室内概览,interior overview

Situated in Fashion Walk, ‘Eat Darling Eat’ is the latest addition under Ming Fat House. The dessert laboratory offers guests a visual respite from bustling Causeway Bay with its whimsical interiors that mirror the eclectic menu.  Celebrating the art of dessert making, the interior uses provocative colours and textures which stimulates guests’ visual senses.



The design draws inspiration from the experimental and creative nature of Postmodern era, by incorporating elements that are playful, decorative and whimsical, and using forms that challenge conventional shapes and colours (eg. Custom stools inspired by Donut and Jello, host station and railing that echoes the shape of the stair, and bench seating that shapes like a cake cut-out).

▼奇思异想的元素结合挑战传统的形式及配色,whimsical elements combined with forms that challenge conventional shapes and colours

▼一层吧台座位区,bar seating area on the ground floor

▼以甜甜圈和果冻为灵感的定制凳子,Custom stools inspired by Donut and Jello



The interior highlights the quality of split-level architecture. The lower level entrance area is open concept, while the upper level is framed as a theatre by using fluorescent colours and reflective surfaces. A yellow tinted glass separates the two levels, entices guests to have a glimpse of upstairs and explore further into the place.

▼黄色玻璃将两个楼层区分开来,a yellow tinted glass separates the two levels

▼与楼梯形态呼应的扶手,the railing that echoes the shape of the stair


Upon arrival to the upper level is a pink lounge with reflective ceiling and flooring, giving a lucious feeling to the guests as they enjoy the desserts.  Both end corners of the lounge are marked by gradation tables and curved walls imprinted with colourful artwork that plays with the idea of optical illusion, giving customers a visual sensation while enjoying these experimental desserts.

▼二层休闲区,the pink lounge on the upper floor

▼渐变餐桌和印有彩色艺术画作的弧形墙面,gradation tables and curved walls imprinted with colourful artwork


The result is a design aesthetic that is a fully immersive, creating an environment that is illusory with the use of colourful geometries and organic shapes. The design is bold, surreal, and out of the ordinary. It is a utopian remedy that escapes from global perspective of popular culture.

▼二层空间细部,detailed view


▼设计拼贴,design collage


Project Title: Eat Darling Eat
Location: Hong Kong
Interior Design: NC Design & Architecture Ltd (NCDA)
Lead Interior Designer: Nelson Chow (NCDA)
Interior Designers:
Rain Ho (NCDA)
Jenn Li (NCDA)
Nicholas Ho (NCDA)
Branding and Artworks:
Rocky Yip (Kithandkin)
James Woodward (Kithandkin)
Photography: Nic Gaunt
Writer: Catherine Shaw

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