Short Sentence, China by AIM ARCHITECTURE

experimentation on furniture design, giving used fabric a second life

Project Specs


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Located in the historic heart of Shanghai, the first store of this playful fashion brand, is slightly set back from the street. Inspired by its small scale surroundings we wanted to work with a more abstract idea of what a new home could be like.

▼店铺外观,exterior view © Wen Studio


▼空间分隔策略,diagrams © AIM 恺慕建筑设计

The store settles into its new neighborhood with a sequence of rooms, carefully positioned in accordance to the original structure. The spatial experience of the rooms and corridors lead to an intimate introduction of the brand. The connection between each room frames different areas and scenes that guide you through the space intentionally.

▼室内概览,overview of the interior space © Wen Studio

▼门洞框取不同区域和场景,framing different areas and scenes © Wen Studio

▼明亮的展示空间,the bright showroom © Wen Studio

▼面向庭院的落地窗,floor-to-ceiling windows facing the courtyard  © Wen Studio

店铺中的家具意味着双重性:既是陈列道具,本身又是展示品。家具的设计灵感来源于时尚与其制作工艺 – 未经加工的原始布料通过树脂定型,并固定于铝框架中,柔软与坚硬的对比之间充满活力。这种利用剩余布料的可持续制作方式,带来出乎意料的触感与图案美感。

The furniture hints on the duality of being there for display or to be displayed. The process of fashion and the making-of, was the main inspiration for the furniture pieces, a selection of raw untouched fabrics molded in natural resin, set in aluminum frames. Creating a vibrant energy between what we experience as a soft or hard surface. This sustainable approach of using left over fabric, surprises us with the accidental beauty of tactility and patterns.

▼展示时装的铝框架,aluminum frames for display © Wen Studio

▼镜面元素,the mirrors © Wen Studio

▼家具本身也作为展示品,the furniture hints to be displayed © Wen Studio

▼细部,details © Wen Studio


Rescaled and playfully positioned on horizontal and vertical surfaces, the furniture reminds us of objects in our daily life but adds a subtle surprising dimension to the store, revealing the core of the brand. The neutral and abstract feel of the spaces creates a perfect backdrop for future collections and lets the colors and textures of the garments do the talking.

▼夜景,the night view © Wen Studio

▼平面图,plan © AIM 恺慕建筑设计

业主:Short Sentence 短句
设计总监:Wendy Saunders,Vincent de Graaf
软装团队:Lili Cheng
摄影:Wen Studio

Client: Short Sentence
Location: Shanghai, China
GFA: 100sqm
Completion: 2020
Design Scope: Interior design, furniture design, entrance landscape design
Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Project Manager: Cindy Xu
Interior Team: Shirley Woo, Bubu Cao
FFE Team: Lili Cheng
Photography: Wen Studio

More: 恺慕建筑设计。更多关于他们:AIM Architecture on gooood

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